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Bento Friday: It’s a bird, it’s a plane…It’s a…?

TGIF everyone!
This week’s bento features Hello Kitty in collaboration with another famous icon…


It’s Hello Kitty Superman!

I like the red costume with half of “K” showing.
With two of the world’s most iconic characters combined, Super Kitty could surely save the day!

Also, Man of Steel will be in Japanese theaters this August (June in US) :)

Search all Hello Kitty items on YJ Auction.
Search all Superman items on YJ Auction (there are some interesting Superman-themed stuff from Japan)

Bento source: Juru’s charaben

Internet Meme Cat Smartphone Holders “I’ll hold the enemy here! Now you go without me!”

These cute but a little bit demented smartphone holders created latest internet meme!
Kitan Club’s “I’ll hold the enemy here! Now you go without me!” smartphone holders feature self-sacrificing cats who (look as if they) prevent enemies from getting close to you and letting you go forward without them. It’s kind of sad but very touching!

Kitan Club also shows potential alternate uses for these smartphone holders.

kitanclub2 kitanclub


Even if you don’t own a smartphone, you can still use them!

These smartphone holders are already sold out on Kitan Club‘s official site, but guess what. Of course you can find them on Yahoo Japan Auction. Bid on “I’ll hold the enemy here! Now you go without me!” Smartphone Holders via Rinkya!

Pic Source:  Rocket News 24

CWC Exclusive Doronjo Meets Blyth, Jenna Fashion Obsession, Heart of Montmarte, and Yuki no Namida Hime

Doronjo has been a popular villain of Yatterman since her debut.

In 2009, CWC produced limited edition Blyth dolls in collaboration with Doronjo. She is absolutely gorgeous, and the costume is just perfect.



And here we have an unopened, brand new Doronjo Meets Blyth on Yahoo Auction!


Still got original packaging from Tomy even.

Bid on CWC Exclusive Yatterman Doronjo Meets Blyth here!

This seller also sells a few wonderful Blyth dolls on auction right now too.

Check out some of other auctions the seller is listing right now.

CWC Exclusive 2009 Fashion Obsession Jenna

CWC Exclusive 2008 Heart of Montmarte

CWC Exclusive 2006 Yuki no Namida Hime in collaboration with popular gothic lolita fashion brand Baby The Stars Shine Bright.

Inside Yuki no Namida Hime looks like this… So pretty!


Check out all the items sold by this seller here!
The seller’s got good feedback, and everything on the list right now is brand new. Try and add a seller to Rinkya’s new feature “Saved Seller” so you can go back and check listings by same seller whenever you like! :)

SUPER RARE Dragon Ball Z Trading Card – Amada PP Card No.889/890 Full Prism

Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Cards are packets of trading cards (directly competed with Bandai’s carddass cards) that used to be sold at dagashiya (traditional sweets shop for kids) and supermarkets in mid-1990s.

Today I found this pair of rarest of rare cards from Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Card Collection!

Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Full Prism Card No.889/890 w Original Mount Board


These cards are usually traded around 400,000JPY without the mount boards, but this item is fully complete with the original packaging and mount. Only 3,000 of them were made, and the only way you could get these cards were from finding lottery tickets in blind packets (if you happened to be lucky) to be eligible for a chance to win them.

The back of the mount board is very cool too.



Amada made total of 1,323 cards, numbered from No.1-1323, and these are No.889/900. To complete a collection of Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Cards, you need to have these cards, or otherwise it’s incomplete. Yes, this is a horrible nightmare for collectors but also very enticing!

Bid on Amada Dragon Ball Z PP Cards Full Prism No.889/900 now.

10 Most Popular Local Gotochi Hello Kitty in Japan!

Every prefecture/tourist destinations in Japan have their own local Gotochi Hello Kitty merchandises sold exclusively in the areas. They are cute and serve as perfect souvenirs for friends and families when visiting other prefectures (Some big cities in US have their Gotochi Kitty too!).

There are more than 1,500 kinds of Gotochi Hello Kitty out there. Among them, which Hello Kitty did best in sales in year 2012?
Let’s find out below!

10. Mount Fuji Fuji-chan Hello Kitty (Yamanashi Pref. exclusive)


In collaboration with Mt. Fuji mascot Fuji-chan!

 9. Fukushima Yae Hello Kitty (Fukushima Pref. exclusive)


Kitty’s dressed up as Yae Niigawa, the Japanese equivalent of Joan of Arc during Bakumatsu Revolution

8. Sauce Cutlet Don Hello Kitty (Fukui Pref. exclusive)


7. Jinbee Zame Hello Kitty (Okinawa Pref. exclusive)

She’s riding an Okinawan whale shark!

6. Leopard Hello Kitty (Osaka Pref. Exclusive)


5. Hakata Mentaiko Twin Seated Kitty (Fukuoka Pref. exclusive)

Twin Kitties are seated on Fukuoka’s popular delicacy mentaiko (spicy cod roe)

 4. Nagoya Shachihoko Laying Kitty (Aichi Pref. exclusive)

Shachihoko is a Japanese mythical creature with head of tiger and body of carp.

Shachihoko is a Japanese mythical creature with head of tiger and body of carp.

3. Umbrella Hello Kitty (Kyoto Pref. exclusive)

2. Lavender Checkered Hello Kitty (Hokkaido Pref. exclusive)

And the most popular local Hello Kitty of 2012 was… (drum roll!)

1. KumaMon Hello Kitty! (Kumamoto Pref. exclusive)

Kumamoto Prefecture’s popular mascot character KumaMon earned the first place in collaboration with Hello Kitty! They seem to be getting along and becoming good friends :)

kumamonhellokitty3 kumamon-hellokitty2


What’s your favorite Hello Kitty?
Did you find the ones you like and places you want to visit?

Search for all Hello Kitty items on Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya.

Ranking source: Goo

Vintage Bull Mark Ultraman Giant Dorako PVC Toy

Do you like Kaijyuu? A good old tokusatsu show?

Here’s our today’s pick!
Vintage Bull Mark Ultraman Kaijyuu Dorako PVC Toy.


ultramandorako bullmark-dorako2


Dorako is a popular kaijyuu that has appeared several times in Ultraman series.  This toy is 33-cm tall, and is a very rare toy to find an original version (There are remake versions released in 2002).

Bid on Vintage Bull Mark Ultraman Giant Dorako PVC toy now!

Grooviest iPhone Holder Ever – Takara Tomy Face Stand lets you dance, dress up, and sing!

There are hundreds of choices available for iPhone stands nowadays, but nothing is quite like Takara Tomy’s Dancing Face Stand for iPhone. It is very… strange.

dancingiphonestand dancingiphonestand2 dancingiphonestand3

By inserting your iPhone in the slot, Takara Tomy Face Stand plays music from your iPhone/iPod Touch and dances according to the rhythm!

Not only it can dance, but using its built-in App it’ll automatically make your face displayed on the screen lip sync with the music.


Evidently you can choose to dress up as a giant panda and wear weird masks…

Check out the video on Takara Tomy’s website to see how it works!

Compatible with iPhone 4/4S, 5, and iPod Touch (4th gen).

Pre-order Takara Tomy Face Stand for iPhones from Rinkya Stores now!
Shipping will start from end of June.

Awesome Japanese Legless Chair Looks Like Toast Bread

These legless chairs made by Japanese furniture company Nitori created a big buzz on internet recently.

How can you not love it? It looks so… delicious!

toastchair1  toastchair2



When flattened, it looks even more comfy… (and totally a piece of bread)

It makes me want to eat breakfast on these chairs!


A slight variation to this product: Lightly Toasted Bread Chairtoastchair5


I just think it’s hilarious that they made a considerate decision to make a toasted version, in case someone prefers toasted bread over untoasted bread.


Also, speaking of bread, from Rakuten there are 4-piece toast cushion set for sale too.
breadcushion breadcushion3 breadcushion2

Japan is a rice country, but evidently people love bread!

If you want to get any of the above items, Request Store Order from your Rinkya account (make sure you are logged in).
Just copy and paste Nitori URL (untoasted or toasted bread chair) or Rakuten URL (4-piece bread cushions) into our form, set quantity, and you are good to go!
You can use Request Store Order feature to order virtually anything in Japan  outside of Yahoo Japan Auction.

Funny and odd commercials in Japan

There are some pretty hilarious commercials in Japan!

A surprise ending.

Cute chewing gum commercial.

Sometimes western celebrities show up in random commercials speaking random Japanese too, especially in 80s. This is my favorite.

This is the best Norton antivirus software commercial I’ve ever seen. A lot of visual fun and Japanese twists to it!


Very demented tarako (cod roe) sauce commercial.

Behind-the-scene Luigi and Super Mario.

Even Maritime Self Defense Force is having fun shooting commercials!