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Volks limited edition dolls from Dolls Party 29!

Limited edition models from Dolls Party 29 held over the weekend are already starting to show up on YJ Auction!

Let’s go through the latest limited edition dolls from Volks together.

Super Dollfie SD17 Ryoma Sakamoto
sd17ryoma-2 sd17ryoma

A dashing leader of revolution in Bakumatsu period is revived as a beautiful doll!
And his wife Ryo Narasaki, dressed in a gorgeous kimono, as well.

Super Dollfie SD16 Ryo Narasaki
sd16oryo sd16oryo-2

What a cute couple!

Bid on SD17 Ryoma Sakamoto and SD16 Ryo Narasaki.

Here’s another cute pair.
Yo-SDB Piccolo 2nd Makeup version and Yo-SDG Anne 2nd Makeup version.

yo-sdganne yo-sdbpiccolo

Bid on Yo-SDB Piccolo 2nd Makeup ver. and Yo-SDG Anne 2nd Makeup ver. today!

From Dollfie Dream we have DD Asuna from Sword Art Online.
ddasuna-thumb ddasuna ddasuna2
Bid on Sword Art Online DD Asuna!

And DDS Alice Kuonji from “Witch on the Holy Night.”



You can also get Alice’s Casual Clothing Set as an option!

Bid on DDS Alice Kuonji and Alice’s Casual Clothing Set.

From costume department there are Dressy Alice costume sets for Idolm@ster’s DDS Miki Hoshii and DDS Haruka Amami.

dressyaliceset dressyalice-miki dressyalice-haruka


Bid on Idolm@ster Dressy Alice Set. (Dolls are not included in the set)

Or, search all items under Dolls Party 29!

Happy Dolls Party and enjoy shopping for new dolls! :)

Evangelion Gendo’s new commercial for Shick razors

Evangelion’s Gendo stars in Shick’s razor commercial again this year!



Two commercials were shot for this year’s campaign.

Gendo is being interviewed as a Shick customer.


Shick razors in collaboration with Evangelion come with chibi earphone jack plugs

Eva Store now sells limited-edition Rei, Asuka or Eva 01, Mark 06 stands!

evanstand2 evastand

Buying three of Shick x Evangelion collaboration products will make you eligible for a lottery to win this special Evangelion alarm clock too!

Request to buy Shick x Evangelion campaign razors from your Rinkya Stores’ account page!

Sailor Moon Pink Nail Polish Compact Brooch

As years pass by, Sailor Moon toys look even more appealing to us than when we were kids. There are something irresistible about them!

Today we have a really cool Sailor Moon toy/makeup item for auction.

Sailor Moon Pink Nail Gloss 

sailor moon nail

sailor moon nail


It’s Sailor Moon’s locket brooch case to store a nail polish (included).
Since its release in 1992, this auction item has never been used!
Unfortunately, the contents of nail polish itself has been hardened and unusable from sheer age, but we can still appreciate the original condition and cute designs of the bottles, the ring, a pair of earrings, and compact case.

Start bidding and add it to your Sailor Moon collection!


2007 limited edition CWC Blyth doll, Gentle River


Likes Blyth dolls? Want something unique and different from everyone else? Treat yourself with this gorgeous, special edition Blyth – Gentle River – a winning model from Blyth  Beauty Contest 2007.

crowncima-img500x500-1366464977qbyxc161113 crowncima-img500x500-1366464978vcsgao61113

Gentle River was designed by renowned group of Blyth custom designers Team Sibley. The beautiful custom doll won first place in the first annual Blyth Beauty Contest held in 2007. After being selected as a winner, 3,100 of Gentle River dolls were produced by Takara Tomy.
The auctioned item is in a brand new, unopened condition.
A great opportunity to buy it if you are looking for something special!
Bid on CWC limited edition Blyth “Gentle River” now! 

For all Blyth doll auctions, check here.

T.M.Revolusion Mugen -winter dust- costume for charity auction


We already saw T.M.Revolution’s Takanori Nishikawa contributed to Stand Up Japan, a charity auction supporting victims of 311 Earthquake, by selling his original costumes from Gekko.

He’s now auctioning his costumes from Mugen -Winter Dust-, one of his hit songs in 1999 as well!
Check out this gorgeous outfit!



Remember this?



And of course, it comes in a set of two, with his pal Daisuke Asakra’s costume too!

T.M.Revolution Mugen costume

Bid on a set of two costumes from T.M.Revolution’s Mugen -Winter Dust-

For all T.M.Revolution auctions, click here.

For all Stand Up Japan charity auctions, click here.

I hope this helps many people in affected areas from earthquake and tsunami!

In memory of hide…20th solo Anniversary & May 2nd Memorial Day

2013 is 20th anniversary since hide, Japanese legendary guitarist, started his solo career after leaving X-Japan. Even though hide unexpectedly passed away on May 2nd, 1998 (he was 33 years old), there is still a huge following to present day.

There are many events planned for this year and next year (next year is hide’s 50th birthday), including screening of filmed live concerts, re-opening of hide Museum, release of tribute albums and hide photo book App, and fan-made tribute contests & 24-hr live show hosted on Niconico Video.

We have lots of hide-related items on Yahoo auctions now too!

Super mint condition FERNANDES Burny MG360-S Yellow Heart 


hide used Fernandes MGs all through his life and career.

This is a replica model from Fernandes with same specifications as the one hide used to play, and was only produced from 2000-2002. This so-called “Yellow Heart” guitar can be seen mostly during hide’s career under the band name hide with spread beaver.

FERNANDES Burny MG-340X Cherry Sunburst 



Cherry Sunburst was made by Fernandes specifically for hide to use at the time. It was based on Gibson Les Paul 1959 model that hide used to own and used for recording.

Likes hide, but not a musician yourself?

How about a hide X Taeyang collaboration doll? There has been several hide dolls produced by Taeyang. This year’s model is hide Psyence version.
The attention to details on replicating hide’s Psyence costume is amazing!

hidetaeyang img59496916 img59496917

Search for all Taeyang x hide dolls from YJ auction now! (including models with other outfits)

There’s also a limited edition hide plush doll from hide Museum, with a special New Year outfit?

So cute!!

Hide Museum opened in year 2000 to commemorate hide. It was supposed to be a three-year exhibiti, but visitors didn’t cease to come. Therefore the Museum stayed till 2005, and closed that year. After 8 years, the hide Museum will re-open this summer for upcoming two-year exhibit.

Visit hide City for updates on events and related merchandise 😉

Takanori Nishikawa/T.M.Revolution for Tohoku Earthquake Charity auctioning his costumes from GEKKOH

As part of charity events ran by Stand Up Japan, a nonprofit group dedicated to helping victims of 311 Tohoku Earthquake, Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution) is auctioning out two sets of costumes he actually wore in 1999 for Gekkoh (月虹) CD cover, promotions, and videos.


One was worn by Takanori himself, and the other one was worn by his music producer/band partner Daisuke Asakura. (Technically at the time T.M.R was called the end of genesis T.M.R. evolution turbo D)

CD cover of Gekkoh, 1999

BID ON Takanori Nishikawa’s actual costumes used in Gekkoh.

Stand Up Japan also sells a lot of personal items auctioned by Japanese celebrities, musicians, actors, comedians, etc. Check out their YJ auction store to see all listingYou’ll find some amazing things there.

Get things you like, and help out Earthquake/Tsunami victims and affected areas! :)

1/6-scale AKIRA Kaneda’s Motorcycle from Popinica Damashii Project BM!

Akira Kaneda's Bike Popinica PBM


This really awesome 1/6-scale AKIRA Kaneda’s Motorcycle was created by BANDAI and Medicom Toy as part of Popinica Damashii series in 2010. Director or AKIRA, Katsuhiro Otomo supervised the production of this model.
Kaneda’s Motorcycle is currently being auctioned on Yahoo Japan Auction.


Since it’s entirely unopened and new, you can see this review site for more photos.

Its wheels, headlights, taillights, and dashboard glow.

And it also comes with an extra set of plain parts and decals so you can recreate the looks of the motorcycle used in the special DVD cover illustration!


To accompany the motorcycle, you should also get an 1/6-scale Kaneda figure. (The above item is just motorcycle. Kaneda not included) It’s available from Amazon Japan. If you’d like to purchase one, you can request an order from our Rinkya Stores or contact directly at

Bid on 1/6-scale Popinica Damashii AKIRA Kaneda’s Motorcycle. 



Yahoo Japan Special Auction by NIGO. Tons of Rare Planet of Apes Toys & Collectibles


Yahoo Japan Auction is holding a series of special auctions in collaboration with NIGO!

NIGO is a Japanese music producer, DJ, founder of the apparel line A Bathing Ape. He is also a huge collector of Star Wars, Beatles, and various collectible toys that had given him inspiration and shaped his origin as a creator.

Starting this week, NIGO will be selecting 2 sets of items every week to auction from his massive collection.

First set to be auctioned this week is:

A set of 9 Planet Apes toys, Mexican version

 planetapes01planetapes2 planetapes03 planetapes04

planetapes07 planetapes06planetapes05planetapes08

These are rare Planet of Apes merchandise made by CIPSA, which were specifically made to be sold in Mexico. CIPSA officially acquired license from Mego at the time of release, and what’s great about them is that not only they are rare, but five of nine items are totally unopened and in great conditions (first five character figures are new).

 BID ON Planet of Apes CIPSA Mexian release version

Second set is:

A set of 79 rare Planet of Apes Toys!!

WOW. That’s quite a collection for sale! I cannot list all of the toys here, so I’ll select a few. You can check out all 79 items here.

Bullmark Japanese figures

Bullmark Japanese figures

adarplamodel2 addarplasticmodel







Again, check the rest of products included in this set on NIGO’s special auction page. There are a lot more cool toys!

 NIGO will be auctioning 4 more sets of collectibles this month.
The next two will start accepting bids on April 15th, there’ll be more Planet of Apes items, Batmobile for children to ride. And from Apr 22nd, lots and lots of Pee Wee Herman toys/collectibles will be posted. You can preview some of the items in advance.
Otherwise, we’ll keep you updated too!