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It’s Mickey Mouse Transformer! Chogokin King Robot Mecha Mickey and his Friends

Tmashii Nations, Bandai’s collectible toy brand, presents an innovative and unique robot in collaboration with Disney’s most celebrated character: Mickey Mouse.

disneychogokin2 disneychogokin

Chogokin Chogattai King Robot Mickey & Friends are 7 individual character figures that can be transformed and combined to form a one giant robot. The team members are: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and Steamboat Willie.

When you look close, you can see intricate details they put in making them.
For example, inside mecha Mickey’s eyes you can actually see a small Mickey Mouse piloting the robot… sweet!


They even made a really cool promotional video to go with it. It’s worth watching just for the transformation sequence.


Chogokin King Robot Mickey & Friends will start selling tomorrow (March 30th), but you can start pre-ordering from our Rinkya Store now!

Search for all chogokin items on Yahoo Japan auction, including old pre-Bandai lineup and current models.

RARE Art of War Berserk Guts and Slan statue

From Art of War statue maker, brand new unopened Berserk’s Guts & Slan -GOD HAND- statue is up for auction.


Art of War usually makes a small lot of statues for limited period of time. This one is from about five years ago, featuring a scene from Berserk episode 218. Only 300 of them were made at the time, and this is one of them in a completely mint, unused condition, with a serial number metal plate included. The seller is a company called Time Labo specialized in handling used figures and toys, and they decided to have this item auctioned on their YJ shop.

From Art of War official site, we can see what it looks like when the statue is set up.

berserk berserk2 berserk3


It’s quite creepy but has amazing details and feel to it.
Bid on Art of War Guts & Slan -GOD HAND- on Yahoo Japan auction while it’s still available!


Also, check out Art of War’s upcoming statues.



I love all the amazing statues but that Zodd smartphone stand (last picture)… that is kind of hilarious but cool! Pre-orders are starting already and will stop taking them at the end of this month, hurry if you want them! You can always ask for request order at our Rinkya Stores.

Hand-made 1/6 Doll House Hidden Underground Cafe by Yumeneko – for momoko dolls, Blyth, Pullip, Barbie, etc

Yumeneko is an artist who is fascinated with building miniature models, sets, dollhouses, and everything that is small. Her creations are full of beautiful details and elegant design with use for dolls’ photoshoot and decoration in mind.
Her latest 1/6-scale dollhouse creation “Hidden Spot & Underground Cafe” is  up for sale on Yahoo Japan Auction right now.


With dolls in the house… (Dolls belong to the seller, not for sale)
dollhouse02 dollhouse03

You can imagine a kind of seclusive little cute spot where only customers who already know the place would go to, enjoying soothing tranquility away from noises from a bustling city. This dollhouse actually consists of two-floors. One is supposed to be on the ground level and the other is an underground room (but it’s detachable so you can arrange them in any ways). The ground room has large windows and pretty gardens, and the underground room comes with nice dim lighting from LED lamps on the ceiling. You can stack the two rooms on top of each other, display them separately side-by-side, or connect them together by staircase directly or in L-shape.
Layout ideas suggested by the seller:

This dollhouse is compatible with any dolls of 1/6 scale, including Momoko Doll (as shown in photos), Blyth, Pullip, Barbie, etc. Pre-furbished with tables, chairs, and framed artwork on the wall as in the photos, but decorative items used by dolls (magazine, wine bottle, food) are not included in the set. If you already have furniture and decorations of your choice, you can arrange them and open your own cozy little cafe for your dolls!
Bid on Hand-made 1/6 scale Doll House Hidden Underground Cafe by Yumeneko on Yahoo Japan Auction.

Check out Yumeneko’s blog  and her YJ Auction store listing page to keep updated on her new dollhouse creations (and view old ones). You can bid them on YJ auctions as they come out.

I like these ones personally…
Flight cabin:
dollhouse-flightcabin2 dollhouse-flightcabin

Hair Salon:



Livetune in collaboration with Murakami Takashi to produce vocaoloid Hatsune Miku music video “Redial”

Acclaimed Vocaloid producer livetune (also known as “kz” who composed Packaged and Tell your world) released his latest album “Re:Dial” on March 20th. On youtube, there’s a music video featuring one of the songs recorded in the album Redial. This video is created and directed by the world-reknowned artist Takashi Murakami and his team of talented artists, Kaikai Kiki’s Studio Poncotan Animation Studio.

Team up of Takashi Murakami and livetune is already quite a dream collaboration, but Murakami is not the only one who contributed to the making of Redial music video. With character design by talented arnimator/artist mebae (who also designed album cover) and choreography by Ken Maeda (who directed ending theme dance sequences for anime Pretty Cure series), no doubt the video turned out amazing with a perfect balance of cool and cute!

Check it out for yourself!

Murakami will also premier his first feature film he ever directed, Mememenokurage (EN: Jellyfish Eyes) on April 26th (English site). Livetune’s piece “Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dialed)” featuring Hatsune Miku is used for the film’s theme song as well. It’d be interesting to see how the two creators continue to work together in the future.

If you liked the video or music or both, there’s a commemorative merchandise for Re:Dial too! Super cute Redial version Hatsune Miku T-shirt illusterated by mebae.

We can get them on our Rinkya Stores if you are interested, feel free to ask and submit on our Stores forms! :)

And don’t forget to check out limited-edition and normal edition Re:Dial albums.

Limited edition version comes with DVD!


It’s always nice to see really talented creators team up to make amazing masterpiece!


If you like Takashi Murakami, check out the following recommended auctions too.

RARE. From 2008 limited edition Louis Vuitton X Murakami Takashi collaboration Monogramouflage Collection,

Louis Vuitton X Murakami Takashi Monogramouflage Speedy 35 (Never-used, mint condition)


Louis Vuitton X Murakami Takashi Monogramouflage Lys (Near-mint condition)

 Louis Vuitton X Murakami Takashi Monogramouflage Convertible Jacket/Vest (Never used, mint condition)
monogamouflage-jacket monoglamouflage-jacket2


Not finding the ones you are looking for?
For all Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage collection, check here. There are many more options for the size and kind of bags available!


Source: Netolabo


Hanami Bento Friday – Pokemon, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, and Dragon Ball



Cherry blossoms bloom, and hanami seasons have already started in several areas of Japan!
Bento artists can show off their bento creativity and talents to entertain their friends and family while appreciating the beauty of cherry blossoms.
The photo shown above is bentos created by Mihhon and her friend Ikkun Mama for hanami purpose. Pokemon, Kiironotori from Rilakkuma, Trunks from Dragon Ball, and Hello Kitty… I think it’s cool that they each made one bento appealing to girls and the other bento to boys (I don’t mean to be sexist by the way, of course both girls and boys can eat and like whichever bentos they want!).
I hope you get to see some pretty flowers too as spring visits your town!

SONY AIBO the robot dog ERS7-M2 Pearl Black


In memory of SONY AIBO series… SONY’s support for AI robot dogs Aibo will officially end in March 2013. Since the first appearance of this cute, iconic, artificially intelligent pet in 1999, Aibos have been widely loved by people and given a great impact on our perspective and culture.

Although the production of Aibos have long been ceased, we can still adopt them through individual sellers. If you are interested, look through YJ sellerstofind the perfect robotic pet for you!


Recommended auction:


SONY AIBO ERS7-M2 Pearl Black (2004)
This is one of the last AIBO models to be released from SONY. Pearl black coloring is shiny and pretty. Packaging materials, manual, peripheral accessories…, everything that came with it originally is there and in near-mint condition. Last tested by Aibo Clinic in summer 2012.

For all AIBOs on Yahoo Japan auction, visit here.

“Human-size” Gundam Models – Bandai HY2M RX-78-2 Gundam

You may not have a room for actual-size Gundam in your house, but what if it was “human-size” model?


HY2M (Hyper Hybrid Model) 1/12 scale Gundam was originally released by Bandai in 2006 for a limited number. This model comes in 3 boxes (originally, could be shipped in more boxes for this auction), with 260 pieces. When completed and standing, it reaches 1.5 meter (5 foot) tall and weighs 35kg (77 lb). Posable joints allow you to set Gundam up in different poses, and what makes it even cooler is that it’s pre-recorded with a bunch of SE from the original show!

hy2m-03 hy2m-05 hy2m-04

Details of this product (according to Bandai’s specification):

– 260 parts total to complete the model. They are all pre-painted, so you don’t need to do a painting job youself. However, this particular auction item has been modified with additional shading and panel line enhancement with black lines to make it look even more realistic.
Compare the original (left) and auctioned item (right) for panel line enhancement.

hy2m-02 hy2m

– No super glue or adhesive necessary. Only bolts and nuts are used for building the model (just like real Gundam would be!)
– The materials used for HY2M 1/12 Gundam is common materials used for other plastic models from Bandai. Therefore, if you have experience modifying Gundam models before, you can basically apply the same techniques and mod it however you want.
– Shoulder joints can be locked into one angle to allow more flexibility and rigidity when posing the model. Elbows, wrists, fingers, forearms, neck, waist, are all movable and posable.
– It comes with a remote control to activate sound effects. There are 15 types of SE, including gatling guns, start-up sound, etc. And also it controls illumination of eyes, gatling guns, etc.
– Comes with a building manual. Just follow the instructions (and patience, it is estimated to take 4 hours of building work) and you’ll have a human-size Gundam!

Included Equipment:
Beam Rifle, Beam Saber, and Gundam Shield

Recorded Sound Effect list:
– Start-up sound
– Hatch open/close
– Camera eyes
– Target scope activation
– Warning alert
– Duct emission sound
– Walking SE
– Movement in Space sound
– Gatling guns
– Beam Rifle
– Beam Saber unsheathing
– Beam Saber piercing enemies
– Hyper Bazooka
– Meelee sound
– Explosion

Watch a video showing the process of building HY2M 1/12 scale Gundam, and for reference on how it works!

To bid on BANDAI HY2M 1/12 scale Gundam RX78-2, visit this page!

Check out all HY2M models, parts, and replacement equipment.

(*Due to its size, the shipping cost could be higher than usual. For your reference, this item by itself without packaging weighs 35kg. No cancellation or refund is allowed after winning the auction, so please use caution. Thank you!)

Giant Doraemon Ride, Time Machine Adventure, and Doraemon Illuminating Gnome!

Do you like Doraemon?

Doraemon’s latest movie Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum premiered on March 9th. It was reported yesterday to have brought in box office total of 4 billion yen! What a success! Doraemon’s popularlity seems to never end.

For Doraemon lovers, we have some interesting Doraemon items for auction today. Let’s check them out!

*There could be extra charge estimated about $2000 for oversized shipping if you won the following items, and you can’t cancel or refund once you won, so make sure to use caution!

Giant Doraemon



This is an attraction ride for children that you can get inside Doraemon and control  Doraemon (in a rotating movement) while playing a fun interactive game on the screen, voiced by original Doraemon seiyuu Oyama Nobuyo. Usually, you have to grab a card that comes out to start the game, but for this particular item, the automatic card vendor is not working. So you have to start it manually by taking the card by hand, but otherwise everything else is functioning fine.
Dimension: 200cm x 140cm x 140cm.
It comes with 100 cards for starting the games.

Bid on Giant Doraemon at YJ auction!


Doraemon Time Machine Adventure

doraemontimemachine doraemontimemachine2

This is so cool! I want have it in my yard, it’d be so much fun inviting friends for a ride! 😀
This Doraemon ride takes you to an adventure through time. Whoohoo!
You can either choose “past” or “present” as destinations at the beginning, and that affects the gameplay on the screen. Its voice tape is not working, so unfortunately it can’t talk to you. But you can still play with it.
Dimension: 125cm x 78 cm x 140cm.

 Bid on Doraemon Time Machine Adventure.

You can check out this blog to see more information on the games.

Don’t have enough space for a ride at home?
Here’s a really cute something for you.

How about vintage 80s Doraemon X’mas light?

doraemonxmas doramonxmas

It kind of makes me think of a yard gnome with that pointy hat. With his cheery smile, it would certainly light up your house and yard during Christmast season!
Dimension: H62cm x W36cm.

Bid on Doraemon X’mas Light on YJ auction.


For more choices, check out more Doraemon items on Yahoo Japan auction.

Have fun!

Customized Dior Homme 05SS Three Wolves Tuxedo Jacket


Auction URL: 

The classic, best of the best creation from Dior Homme during the reign of celebrated Hedi Slimane, the 05SS Three Wolves Tuxedo Jacket is up for auction now. On the back is a beautiful embroidery of three wolves inspired from mythical figure, Cerberus.  It is a rare, highly collectible item desired by many Dior Homme fans. It has a relatively low starting price for a reason, but it could be a unique, special choice for you.

What makes this jacket special is not only because it’s Dior Homme Three Wolves, but it has actually been custom resized to fit a smaller frame of body. Originally size 46, the jacket was too big for the seller to wear, so it was modified to be much tighter around the shoulders. Thus, the current measuring is:

  • 36cm shoulder width
  • 62cm long
  • 13 cm arms-length
  • 10cm around cuffs

Even though this is a men’s brand, It could actually fit perfectly for a woman. Of course, it is an ideal jacket for a man with a more slim body type. This is an used item, but the jacket has been kept in a near-mint condition, and it’s been only worn a few times. If you have the a body type that often finds difficulty getting the right size straight from the retail, or if you like to own a custom-fitted Dior Homme jacket, this could possibly be an ideal item for you. Its tight fit will give you a nice, sexy silhouette and makes you special and “different” from everyone.

Only a couple of days left, give it some thoughts and bid soon if you want. Start bidding now!
(*The seller will charge extra 5,000 JPY to have the jacket cleaned by professional cleaner after purchased)

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Limited Edition SDGr Creamy Mami Super Dollfie

So we’ve already mentioned that Creamy Mami’s celebrating its 30th anniversary this year in our previous blog post. To promote the anniversary, I expect more Creamy Mami merchandise and events to show up this year! I’m happy to hear that Creamy Mami will have an exhibition booth at Tokyo Anime Festival coming up this March 21st-24th, and there will be a special mini concert by Takako Ota, the seiyuu for Creamy Mami and singer for Delicate ni Kiss site on 24th.

Meanwhile, at Dolls Party 28 that was held earlier in January, Volks made special limited-edition Creamy Mami Super Dollfie.

Look at how beautiful and elegant she looks! My eyes were instantly glued to the picture, so pretty ♥

She is a



True idol, isn’t she?


Let’s celebrate Creamy Mami’s anniversary with her gorgeous Super Dollfie!
Here’s a list of limited edition SDGr Creamy Mami Superdollfies for auction. Bid Now!
There aren’t many of them around! :)

This particular auction sells a brand new, unopened, beautiful condition Creamy Mami Super Dollfie, if you want to be sure about its condition. And this is from a very reliable seller too.

For all Creamy Mami item listing, check here.