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Hatsune Miku Limited Edition Controller!

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Mini Controller has a sweet, new exclusive design ONLY available in Japan.  

But do not worry, Rinkya can order & ship it to you!  The PS3 controller will work in all regions and releases in March, but preorders start now!  
Just fill out a store form here (must be logged into Rinkya) for the item- 9801 yen base fee plus $18 commission fee.
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Evangelion Shrine Going Up!

A 2 meter Evangelion Unit One Robot is making the rounds at the movie theaters for Evangelion’s hit movie, Evangelion Shingekijouban: Q. 

It’s final destination is the Eva Shrine at Tokyo’s Sky Tree Town where it will remain until December 30th.  
It is pretty freaking amazing looking- any fans get out there- send us your pictures!!
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Watch Some of Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo!

The much anticipated Evangelion 3.0 movie has been released in Japan- and if you thought Evangelion promotion was over the top before- well, more is coming!

Want to check out the first 7 minutes of the new Evangelion movie?

Also, we have seen the buses and now a train line will be decked out in all Evangelion!

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Train picture via Yattar!