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Life Sized Gundam Flower Topairy (well 1/2 of him anyhow)

Next to the famous life sized Gundam in Odaiaba Tokyo is the now completed flower Gundam.  He is on display for one month- so you need to hurry!

The images are Amaz-ING!!  What do you think? With just ten thousand begonias, zinnias and melampodiums you can have your own!

 If you cannot see the Gundam- check out all the Gundam auctions available on Yahoo Japan that you can order from Rinkya!

Check out more pictures at the Gundam Project (link via Yatter Japan!)

Need a Hug? Go to the Cuddle Cafe!

Japan’s first cuddle cafe– you can lay in bed with a pretty girl and hug.

The cafe offers a list of services, there is no sex, it is a place for co-sleeping and nurturing.  You can lie on her lap, lay in her arms… etc, check out the link below for all the services.
For 50,000 yen (approximately $670) you can get 10 hours of cuddle time!
What do you think?  Do you think this cafe would work in other parts of the world?
Sometimes you just need a hug!

Black Food? Would you Eat it?

Arayshiyama has a new gourmet idea to be found- “The Black Series” We know Japan likes to experiment with color foods from past experience. Check out the BLUE curry here!
You can taste some black ice cream (expresso flavored) for 380 yen or get some black curry for 580 yen.
The price is right if you want to test it out, but I hate to be gross… but this black ice cream looks like a toilet nugget…    More info via WalkerPlus