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Anime Boobs T Shirts? Senran Kagura Burst!

Senran Kagura Burst, the Nintendo 3DS ninja breast simulator game, has shockingly (sarcasm is dripping…) outstanding sales, outselling the first boob edition in a week.  

What do you do when you have a highly successful boob game in Japan?  Make T-shirts with the big boobed anime characters to promote- yeay!  
They are available for preorder now!  Order through Rinkya Stores!

Over Life-Sized Nyanko-sensei!

I call this OVER life-sized because I have not seen a cat (not counting lions, tigers, etc this big (and I hope I do not ever… scary!)  Nyanko-sensei is from Natsume’s Book of Friends and he looks so comfortable!!  He is 110 cms long, 70 cms wide and 50 cms tall!  

If you want one of your own, fill out the form here!
Preorders begin Sept 23 for a release in December.
Thank you Yatter Japan for the heads up!

Quack Quack Muzzle

Oh, these poor dogs….  The Japanese company says the soft silicone duckbill is more comfortable than traditional muzzles.  My guess is the dogs do not act out due to embarrassment rather than the muzzle physically preventing them!

Want one of them?  They come in 3 different sizes and you can order by filing out the Rinkya store order form here!

Brown, pink, yellow, small, medium and large are available- Product Page