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Ichiro Suzuki YJ! Auction Picks! The New Yankee!

Ichiro Suzuki was traded this week, making huge news in the baseball world and Japan.    A Seattle Mariner for nearly 12 years- he is now going to play for the Yankees!!

Japan is very excited to say the least and therefore, his items are fastly becoming collectibles and hard to find- as everyone is snatching up Mariners items while they can!

Salty Watermelon Pepsi Review- And Win Your Own!

The newest Pepsi summer flavor of Japan was released into stores yesterday and we grabbed a couple!

And… it is our staff’s favorite summer Pepsi flavor so far!  The following review is from our ship manager- Scott!

If you like watermelon candy, or watermelon in general, then you will love it!  It is spot on with the taste & smell of watermelon. A fruity drink & I think it would be awesome as a mixed drink with some alcohol.
As for the label “Salt” in the name, I do not taste any of that? 
I am not a soda pop drinker, but if I was, I would not mind drinking the Salty Watermelon Pepsi & It is not wacky, or way out there, like some of the Pepsi flavors released in the past (Shiso Pepsi was dumped down the toilet)  
 I think it might be very popular in the upcoming weeks.  The drink is a very colorful red, which looks like, ummm watermelon…
To my surprise the ingredients list no watermelon contents in the drink. It does contain SALT though…

I definitely recommend the newest Japan summer Pepsi edition!

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Bento Friday! Hello Kitty!

We have had a lot of talk about Hello Kitty lately- She is dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog and now has a Streetfighter line!  In honor of her new collaborations- we celebrate with a Hello Kitty bento today!

Want Hello Kitty items for yourself?  View the THOUSANDS of items on YJ! or just view them for fun, because can may find a Hello Kitty iPad case or Hello Kitty fan and much more …   Also, check out our Hello Kitty board on Pinterest– it is filled with lots of “different” and kawaii Hello Kitty items!
Hello Kitty dressed as a froggy! So cute!  Read how to do it here (Japanese)  Happy Weekend everyone!!