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Mega Teriyaki McDonald’s in Japan Review!

I`m not one to frequent Mcdonald’s, I refuse eating Mcdonald’s in the states, due to the fact they probably add 4 pounds of pig feet lard, while employees take sensual bubble baths in the sinks.  Fast food in America is well, fast & there`s at least 5 different ones on every corner.  In Japan, there is a Mcdonald’s at every station. 
All the good stuff, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell (air force base) Wendys (No longer present in Japan *cry*) are generally far from where I live.  Most are located in popular towns/cities. Unless you want to spend half your day on trains/ getting fast food slowly, the majority of us are stuck with Mcdonald’s. 
Of course this depends where you live. Even so, you still don`t have much to choose from. Japanese food is great, and you`re probably wondering why the heck anyone would eat Mcdonald’s in Japan. Point taken.
For one thing, most of Mcdonald’s resturants are open 24/7.  Even when the earthquake hit Japan, Mcdonald’s was still frying hamburgers, open 24 hours. 
Hail Mcdonald’s in time of dire situations. 
Mcdonald’s tastes 100% percent better in Japan than in the states, and it is fresh. I`d say it`s more healthy as well, due to no extra additives or chemicals such as pee or mucus. (God bless New York).  It is cheaper than any other food in Japan. 
There`s also spiffy new promotional hamburgers or chicken burgers every month or so. 
Free toys don’t come with only happy meals anymore- Buy a set, receive a Pokemon toy- The adult happy meal.

 You don`t want to make it a habit to go to Mcdonald’s in Japan, because it`s really noticeable if you gain weight. Japanese friends will not shy away from telling you so either; they will say “Hey buddy looks like you gained some weight there in your face.”
Mega Teriyaki Wrapped Up

Mcdonald’s is a sociable place in Japan. You can get away with taking your date there if you`re low on cash. The girls won`t mind. Just say it is part of your culture.  Call it your neighborhood Mr Rogers.  
I know I might be a bit out of touch on if America has improved it`s indoors, but I`d rather drive through in America than sit inside. 
Who really wants to be shot, or mugged while eating a Big Mac or worse a quarter pounder with cheese, the burger where you have to poo halfway through it. Imagine that at gun point. Japan only has drive thrus outside of Tokyo. 

Anyway… I write this blog today because I tried one of their new promotional Burgers. Mega Teriyaki- a sausage burger.  A burger drenched in teriyaki sauce & mayo with a chunk of cheese at the bottom layer.  The burger itself is a bit messy if you are not careful.  It provides an outer box pictured below. (which is fairly useless cause it was all over my shirt).    I would not recommend if you are not a Teriyaki fan (hence the name), because there is a strong taste of that mixed in a bunch of mayo.  My sweet washlet Japanese toilet is going to be busy tonight. I don`t want to insult because I am truly grateful Mcdonald’s does these promotions.  This was quite a miss though. 

Ingredients –

2 Sausage Patties

Cheddar Cheese

Teriyaki Sauce



920 Calories alone.

Cost – I bought a set at 710yen. So I believe it`s somewhere around 400yen for just the burger itself which is around $5 or so. 

Tech in Asia PodCast!

Tech in Asia’s first podcast is up with a special guest- Heather Russell from Rinkya!!

In this episode we cover how the tech world is responding to doing business in post-earthquake Japan; comparisons between business cycles of 9/11 and 3/11; and what to make of Japan needing U.S. robots for the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Check out the podcast here!

Yoshiki Foundation & Yahoo Japan Charity Auctions

Yoshiki, from X Japan has gathered friends from the celebrity world to contribute to charity auctions on Yahoo Japan.   His charity, Yoshiki Foundation, will donate all proceeds to help the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami relief.

Currently for auction is a Signature “Crystal Piano” by Yoshiki and an outfit from Britney Spears worn in a advertisement.  
Upcoming items include a signed shirt from Robert Pattinson, of Twilight Movie fame, signed shirts from Reese Witherspoon and James Franco,  Stan Lee autographed comics (Spiderman, Fantastic Four), Many signed Yoshiki items, and many more.  
We will update as the auctions are listed on Yahoo Japan!
 If you wish to bid on any of the items, Rinkya commission will be free on any of these items (please note shipping charges still apply)
We will update anymore charity auctions we can find, look out for our upcoming newsletter that includes charity auctions with Blythe, Anime and more!  
Help out Japan & get a rare item from auction!  No commission fee applies!

2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake

In just over a week, a group of unpaid professional and citizen journalists who met on Twitter created a book to raise money for Japanese Red Cross earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. In addition to essays, artwork and photographs submitted by people around the world, including people who endured the disaster and journalists who covered it, 2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake contains a piece by Yoko Ono, and work created specifically for the book by authors William Gibson, Barry Eisler and Jake Adelstein. (Via Amazon Product Description)

ONE HUNDRED percent of your purchase of this book goes to the Japanese Red Cross Society, please consider buying this book and if you like it share the link with your friends!

Amazon US
Amazon UK

For more information on the book and to read some excerpts, please visit the Quakebook Blog

Meat Monster Comes to Japan!

Another crazy burger comes to Japan via Burger King.  Have it Your Way!- and create a meat monster at Burger King.

Take your basic Whopper and add cheese, bacon, more beef and/or chicken.  Add them all for a true Meat Monster- pork, beef, and chicken, yumm (?)
The Meat Monster
Japan seems slightly obsessed with novelty burger campaigns like this, I truly wonder how they are so thin!!  
Consumerist calculated a nutritional breakdown using the US equivalents and  came up with this info: 1160 calories, 24g saturated fat, 240mg cholesterol, 13g sugar, 54g carbs, 69g fat, 1.5g trans fat and 2290mg of sodium.