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A Message From Rinkya During This Difficult Time for Japan

Thank you to all our customers who sent in their concern and kind words for our safety. The Rinkya staff in Japan is safe and sound along with all your items at our warehouse. Unfortunately, checking your items arrival and sending out packages will experience a delay due to the recent disaster. We do expect the delivery services to experience a delay as well, which is beyond our control.
Never fear though, the Rinkya staff is working hard on making sure the delay is as short as possible. The things you love and we love about Japan cannot be destroyed! Thank you for your patience during this time.
Itsumo doomo arigatou gozaimasu,
Heather Russell

Fridgeezoo Friends!!

Do you remember the popular Fridgeezoo animals?

These kawaii little animals greet you when you open your fridge then get mean if you keep it open too long!  Keeping you green friendly in your home and saving you money (while looking adorable!)
Joining the kawaii Baby Seal, Polar Bear, Walrus, and Penguin are friends- the Cow, Tiger, Pig and Squirrel!
You can get all these items at the Fridgeezoo Store on Rinkya Stores!
Of the new ones, I think the cow is my favorite?  What favorite is yours?

Check out the video to see how they work!

White Curry Chocolate for White Day!

White Day is March 14th in Japan and is when the women finally get the gifts and chocolate.  Valentine’s Day in Japan is when women give chocolate to the special men in their life.

For the upcoming White Day, an interesting chocolate has been introduced:
White Curry Chocolate…. sounds….   delicious?
It is described as having a spicy and slight sweet flavor.
Unfortunately, can only be found in the city of Yokosuka for now, but if we find it, we will feature on Rinkya Stores!
In the meantime you can always get your fill of different chocolate in Japan by visiting our Kit Kat Store for Soy sauce kit kats, wasabi kit kat and more!

Necono Cat Digital Camera

As seen on CrunchGear, the Necono Cat shaped digital camera may be a tiny camera, but it certainly does not lack in kawaiiness and function.

Check out the diagram below, the cat’s eyes, tails, ears all have functions.
The feet (not shown here) have magnets on the bottom, so that you can stick anywhere and auto time your shot!
The item is available for preorder on Rinkya Stores, you can get the camera or a set with camera, artist deigned case and a SD card reader.  
You can also buy the pouch separately as well, designed by famed Swedish ceramist Lisa Larson.  
The Japanese product page is in English, so you can get a great view of all the specs!




Happy Girl’s Day! Bento Special!

March 3rd is Girl’s Day- Hina Matsurai- A day to pray for the posterity and happiness for your little girls!

Here are some adorable bento lunches to celebrate the day!

Beautifully dressed empress and emperor!

Stitch and Angel from Lilo & Stitch dress up for Girl’s Day!
Hello Kitty makes a beautiful empress!
Three little ladies in waiting dressed in prosciutto and cheese!