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The Boob Temple of Japan

The Japanese city of Komaki, Aichi prefecture, holds a very dear temple to many- a breast shrine.

While many women flock to the temple for wishes of breast cancer cures, breast feeding help, perhaps the most popular visit is a bit more trivial- bigger boobs.
Wishes for D, E, F (!!!!) sized boobs surround the temple.  I guess if you come all this way, it is go big or not go at all!!
Boobie souvenirs

Tweet Your Dandruff! (???)

Scaloupe is a USb 2.0  camera you use to take pictures of your scalp.  You roll it over your head, examine your scalp and take pictures of anything that may look funky.

Better yet, you can automatically have the pictures uploaded to your twitter. 
Jokes aside, the gadget was created more to monitor the use of products- say hair thickening etc so that you can examine the effectiveness over time.
However, why you need to tweet this to all your followers is another question!
Want your own?

Thank you CrunchGear for the hair raising post (a bad pun I could not resist!)

Ritz Carlton Tokyo Offers A $22,000 Martini For A Special Valentine

The startling 1.8 million yen martini offered at Ritz Carlton Tokyo has only been sold 4 times, but Valentine’s Day is here so perhaps another martini will be served this week?

The martini is Grey Goose Vodka and Lime with a one carat diamond garnish.  The diamond martini would be quit a surprise for anyone, including the buyer- who is paying 3 time the retail cost for the diamond…