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Toylet- Videogames You Play With Your Pee

Coming to a Tokyo metro station near you (well 4 to be exact) are toilet video games!  Sega has launched the Toylet, which has a variety of games based on your urine stream.
The games are male only so far.

“A pressure sensor in the urinal measure the strength and the location of the urine stream as it hits the basin.
An LCD screen displays the graphics and rewards the strength, length and accuracy of the pee through a points system. 
One of the games challenges players to blast graffiti off the wall with a high-pressure flow.
Another title calculates exactly how much urine the player has produced while ‘Milk from Nose’ puts the toilet user up against the previous person in a challenge to see who has the strongest flow.
In ‘The North Wind and Her’ the player lifts up a woman’s skirt with high-pressure blasts in their role as the wind.”  Daily Mail UK

The last game sounds a bit pervy… but I guess what can you expect from a game based on your pee stream?

McDonald’s Big America 2 is Coming To Japan!

A new campaign of burgers is set to release in Japan- all American themed!

Last year upon release, the burger made 28 billion yen in one day, so we can see why they turned the campaign into an annual event 😉
Each burger will be released for a specified time frame throughout the year.
Texas Burger:
Grated cheese, spicy, bacon and onions
Idaho Burger:
onion bun, hash  brown, onions, cheese, mustard sauce, bacon
Miami Burger:
spicy tomato sauce, cheese, taco meat, & chips
Manhattan Burger:
Pastrami, burger, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato
I’m not a huge fast food fan, but I do not think the Idaho one sounds bad, perhaps our staff will be able to taste test soon for us readers outside Japan!

A Year in Review 2010- A Rinkya Blog!

Welcome to 2011!!

Here is our annual review of our readers favorite blog posts from 2010!

There seems to be a trend with Anime and bathroom inspired products? lol!

January- King Tut Sleeping Bag

November- Christmas Toilet Paper

December-  Bento Anime Edition