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Yes! Even More Cute Post It Notes from Japan!!

Made in Japan, these animal messages are designed to slide in your keyboard- the first place people notice after returning to their desk!

Large and small size available dependent upon which animal you want!
Set of 80 Small Animals- Cat, Penguin, Duck & Rabbit  (20 of each animal)

We have then in sets on Rinkya Stores but also available individually!
Set of 140 Large Animals- Deer, Elephant, Pig, Kangaroo, Polar bear, Crocodile, Giraffe (20 of each animal)


Kawaii Japan Gift Guide!

A Kawaii Gift Guide!  Japan has so many cute items to choose from, these are just a few of the most kawaii items available from Rinkya Stores!

1) Hannari Tofu Santa– Celebrate Christmas with this Kawaii Plushie ($12.96)
2) Walrus Fridgeezoo– These little guys stay in your fridge & say Hello, but then scold you if you leave the door open too long! ($24.44)
3) Totoro Sleeping Bag– A kawaii sleeping bag with Totoro! Does not get much better than that! ($155.56)
4) Unicorn Deco Watch- Deco watches are a popular kawaii accessory in Japan, each watch with a different theme of cuteness! ($25.67)
5) Swimmer JP Earbuds– So many to choose from! ($16.85)
6) Dancing Hello Kitty–  A kawaii list from Japan would not be complete without Hello Kitty! She james to music for you! ($73.89)

Japan Gift Guide- Videogames!!

Seeing as videogames are on both my husband and brother’s Christmas lists, I thought readers may need some help in that area too!!

1) Gran Turismo PSP Racing Pack Console-  You can get this Japan chart topper direct from us! ($330.86)
2) Atom PSP Game-  Astroboy!! Atom used Playstation Portable Game ($21.98)
3) Playstation Portable Monster Hunter-  We only have one left of this exclusive Japanese version!  ($271.60)
4) Nintendo Wii Remote Red Plus– Awesome red wii remote plus! ($44.78)
5) Taiko DrumMaster Wii– Comes with drum, an awesome Wii game that includes over 70 famous JPOP and anime songs to drum to!!  ($80.58)
6) Famicom Console–  Travel back in time & play old school games on the Japanese famicom.  Collect games NEVER released anywhere else. ($61.11)

Japan Gift Guide- Anime Fashion!

Yep, Japan provides us with fashion items for popular anime.  They are only sold for limited time in limited quantities, they are a favorite due to their rare numbers!

1) Gundam T Shirt- Gogg Gundam T shirt Royal blue ($37.59)
2) Ghost in the Shell T shirt- Stand Alone Complex t shirt ($18.52)
3) Yamato Watch –  Official 35th Anniversary watch Space Battleship Yamato ($716.05)
4) One Piece Luffy– Luffy T shirt from One Piece- white, grey & black available! ($18.52)
5) One Piece Long Sleeve– Dark & Light grey available ($36.91)

Japan Gift Guide- Gadgets!

A few of the odd, useful and awesome gadgets from Japan!!

1) Truck USB Card Reader-  A popular item to get from Japan- cute but useful! 3 USb ports, Memory stick slot, SD memory slot, microSD slot, and dedicated flash slot!! Wow! ($18.27)
2) Virtual Ant Farm – A virtual ant farm, worried about your child’s ant farm breaking and creating  a farm in your house?  Watch these virtual ants make tunnels and more! ($28.40)
3) Portable Karoake Bar- We love karaoke in Japan, never get stuck without it, with this portable version! ($70) 
4) iRabbit– this bunny butt holds up your smart phone, Mp3 Player, etc ($10.37)
5) Dog Voice Translator–  Find out what your dog means when he barks!  Japanese is not needed, the computer will show you your dogs mood! ($172.41)
6) Bomb Alarm Clock– Ahh, one of the many annoying & fun alarm clocks from Japan.  Better undo the right plug to stop the bomb from blowing up (or rather to turn off the alarm) ($21.63)