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Protect Your Baby From Being Sick By Making Us All Laugh!

In Japan and other Asian countries, when a person is sick they wear surgeon masks to avoid spreading it, and they also will wear them during seasons of cold to prevent themselves from getting sick.  

Most are your average plain surgeon masks in blue or white, however we have found these ones modeled by babies, that are just too cute!
the “bandit”

the “hitler” ??
Not sure what to call that lil mustaches besides  Hitler one, that could not be what they intended??

Merry Christmas Bentos 2010 Edition!

Our annual collection of Christmas bentos from around the web, enjoy! Merry Christmas everyone!!
Snowman with a super big, but cute nose!
This little kawaii ducky is all dressed up for the holidays!
Rudolph finally gets his own main bento and Santa is the corner!  I love his hot dog antlers!
Gingerbread man bento!  Step by step instructions  make sure you do catch this gingerbread man!

Merry Christmas Bentos- Anime Edition 2010!

It is that time of year again for our Christmas bento special!!

Last year, we premiered an anime special and it was so popular, we decided to do it again!  Enjoy!
Medama Oyaji, from GeGeGe no Kitaro puts a Santa hat on.  No offense, but this is finally an anime bento I will not find too cute to eat, the eyeball creeps me out, even if he is a beloved character!!
Aww, one of my favorites- Totoro and a small white Totoro!!  Falls under my too cute to eat category!
 An Evangelion Christmas!  What a cute Miss Santa Misato Katsuragi makes! Amazing detail on the Santa suit!
Chopper from One Piece is already a reindeer- so putting him in a Christmas bento is perfect!
A fun little bento scene featuring Pokemon characters and Pikachu!
Adorable Jiji is paired up with a snowman rather than her favorite witch, Kiki!
Kawaii!!! Santa Stitch!

Kawaii Anime USBs!

These cuties never last long and for good reason- they are adorable anime USB drives!   A new store at Rinkya Stores- Anime Super Store will provide us with great updates from the anime world!

The first update from Anime Super Store are four Anime USB drives- Two Evangelion characters, a Macross character and one from Lucky Star!


Gundam X Visa- Sweet JP Credit Card

 Rinkya is your trusty provider for all things Japanese, but even we cannot get this one for you!

A Gundam Visa Card available only in Japan—
Japan bank, Sumitomo Mitsui, has released this special edition Gundam Visa!
An annual fee of $38 is all you will pay for this Gundam X Visa collaboration.  The card does have other benefits, but that is a bunch of legal jumbo, when really, everyone just wants the Gundam on their card.