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Introducing Japanese Band Volume 5- "Special Others"

Serizawa “Remi” Yuma(1979/8) keyboard,
Matayoshi “Segun” Yuya(1979/4) Bass,
Yanagishita “Dayo” Takeshi(1980/1) Guitar,
Miyahara “Toyin” Ryota (1979/9) Drums

Created in 1999 and did their major debut in 2006.
A rock band of jamming play style from Yokohama, the tunes are mostly instrumental.
Some tunes have a few lyrics, but they are just replies of the chorus, and they use the chorus as instruments.
The groove is happy & fun! Whenever they play, it creates a very happy vibe- they are an awesome band to see live. 

Here are tunes of that Special Others that I want to introduce.

“AIMS” from their 1st album “Good Morning”.

I love this tune, and it makes me move my body!
“Laurentech” from 2nd album”Quest”

A live shoot, mood is warm.
“Potato” from 3ed album “PB”

This tune is inspired by a hamburger restaurant chain.
The chorus in the tune is the sound of a fryer when potato is fried.
Makes me want french fries, yumm!

Christmas Toilet Paper- It May be Better to Just Wipe Your Butt With Dollars

For those unaware, I do not speak or read Japanese and rely on the Rinkya staff (and google!) for my translations.  I came across this adorable toilet paper the other day on a Japanese shopping website-

Cute,  right?  Then I saw the price- 11371 yen (approximately $145 USD) for toilet paper?? (now it was for 30 rolls, 10 each design, but still….)
I figured I missed something in the translation so I emailed a Rinkya staff member for help!  This being Japan and the capital of gadgetry of the world- I wondered- 
Does it wipe for you?  
Does it sing christmas carols?
The disappointing answer was it is 30 rolls of recycled white toilet paper.
Yep that Christmas design you see is only the COVER for the 30 rolls of plain white toilet paper.
I don’t get it, I guess there are just some culture differences I will never understand, and paying $145 for toilet paper is certainly one of them!

Japan Snack Weekly- November 8th, 2010

Melon Pan Rusk by Boulanger Bakery

Not bad, no taste of melon though, thank God. Japanese seem to love melon flavored everything and the non-Japanese here just can’t wrap our heads (taste-buds) around it.

Calbee Potato Chips, Consomme Flavor with the W PUNCH!

What is a “W” punch you say? It’s a DOUBLE, (DUBURU) = W in Japanese Engrish. That’s double times the flavor of consomme. Consomme is actually a very popular flavor here in Japan. It’s consomme soup.
Calbee always makes good, light potato chips that aren’t too oily. These are always a safe bet I guess if our manager is feeling altruistic that day!