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Miffy Solid Gold Calendar

Well, the Year of the Rabbit is coming, so the best way to celebrate is a Miffy solid gold calendar from Ginza Tanaka (expert jewelry maker who also provides ridiculously expensive goods like the World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree, 24 Karat Gold Swimwear, Platinum Gundam to name a few)

The calendar is made of 6 kilograms of gold and sells for an incredible 55 million yen!!!!- (about $660,000 USD)  let’s hope the Year of the Rabbit means financial success!

Since most cannot afford the 55 million yen, try out Rinkya Stores for much more affordable Miffy Items!

Go Green With A Teddy Bear!

This teddy bear reminds me of an art exhibit, but you instead can bring it home yourself and design it your own way!

In each little packet you get a low density polethylene teddy bear shape, which you can fill with items that would otherwise be garbage:
Use your imagination- bottle caps, newspaper, anything you want-
We have them in Sets of Four on Rinkya Stores:
Set of 4 Teddy Bear Recyclable Goods
US $9.33

Take Pictures With The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Characters!

Get the newest Sony Special- a special edition Casio Exilim Digital Camera- limited quantity of 3000.

What is so special and AWESOME about this camera?  Have one of 5 Haruhi Suzumiya characters appear in your pictures with you!  Camera comes with software that will superimpose one of the characters in your pictures
The front of the camera is also specially etched with the silhouettes of the 5 characters.  Available in blue and pinkish purple for preorder now.  First batch of 300 will release at the end of Decemeber.  Preorder now to be sure to get yours!
US $367.90

Burger King NY Pizza Burger 22 INCHES

For a limited time only (since I am pretty sure the human body cannot withstand many of these…)

Burger King will serve the “NY Pizza Burger” from December 8th through Jan 11th.

The burger is a whopping 22 inches in diameter!  It is meant to share (thank goodness) and Burger King hopes it will be a hit during the holiday season- even accepting reservations starting today in Japan!

Retails for 1680 yen (about $21), depending upon how many mouths that feeds, cheaper than a pizza or a group of burgers!

Introducing Japanese Band Volume 6- "Kobayashi Taro"!

Today’s Volume is a solo artist- Kobayashi Taro

Born in 1990, Hamamatsu city, Providence of Shizuoka.
He was on a TV show “Street Fighters” in 2008 with his band called “Kobayashi Taro & Masakari KatsuiDers”, and got the 1st award of the contest “Street Fighter High School Generation Fes. ’08” of the show

He released his first album “Orkonpood” on Jan 13th, 2010, starting his solo career.
He is very popular in Japan and plays many of the large festivals.  One of his songs from Orkonpod is the theme song for a popular TV drama series.

The sound is strongly influenced by grunge music, and I was impressed by the power of his voice and the songs can touch one’s heart, whether it be hard rock or a slow vocal.

My best from 1st album “Orkonpood” 

It is the “Dragusuta”
Hard rock. 

Here is a slow song- “Misako Chan”.
Used for the TV Drama series. Good song. I love this.

I cannot wait for more albums and hope to see him live one day!