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Making your beer even better! The foam master!

Leave it up to the Japanese to come up with a way to perfect your beer. Not only can you make your beer taste better, but make it look sexier with the “Awa Master”. Awa means bubbles or foam on top of a frosty mug of delicious golden ambrosia.

All you need are CO2 cartridges and you can get up to 100 squirts on just one!

Tell your friends that’s a keg in the kitchen, while you awa away on the Bud Light, with your little secret.

Only in Japan! Eat a Pineapple- no knife needed!

Only grown in Okinawa, the lazy man’s pineapple. In Japan it is called “Snack Pine” – “スナックパイン”

You don’t need a knife, you just pick off the little sections with your fingers. These are delicious!!

A little sweeter than a normal pineapple, but way more expensive.

Now that summer is over, you can still get them here in Japan, however, the price is about 1700 yen for a tiny one. During the summer, you might be able to find them in Tokyo for 600 yen if you are lucky. In Okinawa they are about 500 yen.

They should start growing these in Hawaii! Fun, delicious & convenient to eat! Great for parties and always a conversation piece.

Pokemon Black & White Nintendo DS PREORDER- Going Fast!!

Pokemon Black & White Nintendo DS

Release Date Sept 18th 2010 Purchase direct from Japan!

Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version, follow the link below for game info!

Features a new generation of Pokemon. Both games feature two legendary Pokemon on the covers. The games will feature a better visual experience from other Pokémon games, with an increased use of 3D computer graphics than any other of the handheld series. It also has a special feature that allows the user to upload their saved game to the Internet, allowing them to do certain things on an official website. Another new feature in the game is the implementation of different seasons tied in with the games’ internal clock.

Many features –
Enhanced Visual Graphics
New Story Line,
New Generation of Pokemon

Mutliplayer –
3 on 3 Battles
High Link Feature
Passing By Feature
DSi Camera

As of August 2010, Black and White are the fastest DS games to reach one million consumer pre-orders in Japan

Schoolroom Themed Restaurant!? Doesn’t come with the Japanese schoolgirls….

When I was in High School, I bet there were times when we all wished we could kick back with a nice draft beer in homeroom!

Well now you can live out your schoolroom fantasies at a new schoolroom themed Izakaya (Drinking & Eating bar). Invite a Japanese schoolgirl/boy (that is of age) and complete your goals in life!

Choose from such Japanese school kid favorites like Agepan (Fried- Bread) (249 yen), Soft Noodles (399 yen). Get your chocolate fondue served in a beaker, like chem class! (525 yen) Cocktails in a test tubes becomes your “Study of Food” (1029 yen for about 2 people).

個室居酒屋 6年4組 渋谷第一分校
Koshitsu Izakaya Rokunensei
(Private Space Izakaya Shibuya 1st Branch – School Class 1, 6th Grade.
Class 4)
Opens on April Fool’s Day in Shibuya!

Source: Tokyo Walker


Burger Envy? Burger King is offering ALL YOU CAN EAT Whoppers until October 15th in the “Bi” King campaign!

No Burger King isn’t claiming sexual preferences, “VIKING” in Japanese means all you can eat buffet, hence the play on words.

From the country that gave us Takeru Kobayashi, Nathan’s hot dog champion, now you can participate in your own gluttonous eating contest!

Order a set with fries and a drink and you are able to eat as many whoppers as you can possibly handle!

At about 400 yen per burger, if you go 315 times, you can save about 126000 yen ( about $1500).

Please order a ticket to Japan asap!

Kawaii Sweet Animal Dumplings!!

Kawaii animal sweet dumplings are a hot trend in Japan.
They can be kept at room temperature for up to a month!
1 dumpling is about 4cm large, comes in adorable little cardboard house.

2 sets are available! 
1 set- 2 bears, 2 Tigers, 2 Monkeys, 2 Pandas, & 2 pigs
Another Set Includes: 
2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 chicks, 2 rabbits & 2 frogs!
Purchase these yummy treats direct from Japan, visit the shop links below!

Bento Book Review & ANOTHER Blog Contest!

Our blog readers know that we love to showcase Bento lunches (especially around the holidays!)

The awesome people from Mark Batty Publishers sent us two of their popular bento books-
Face Food- The Visual Creativity of Japanese Bento Boxes and its’ counterpart- Face Food Recipes- A How to Guide! by Christopher D Salyers

Face Food- The Visual Creativity of Japanese Bento Boxes showcases a variety of bentos in the form of charaben, Japanese character bento boxes, from a variety of persons- moms, dads, siblings, etc.

Each page has a different charaben with a brief interview with the bento “designer”- while the charaben bentos are remarkable to look out, I particularly loved the interviews, in which a common theme was the love of their children- their main reason for working anywhere from 30 minutes to hours on each bento!

The book also contains a couple make your own bento designs and instructions, however for the ultimate recipe book, you must get Face Food Recipes- A How to Guide! if you want to learn how to do Spiderman, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, anime characters and more (even Alphonso Muchos “Laurel” :)
Also includes a guide to tools needed and a glossary of terms!  The directions are easy to follow and have beautiful pictures as well.

So let’s share the love and gifts with ANOTHER blog contest this week!

Like Bentos?  We are giving away these TWO awesome bento books to one lucky winner!

Face Food- The Visual Creativity of Japanese Bento Boxes and its’ counterpart- Face Food Recipes- a How to Guide! Hardcover  by Christopher D Salyers

The Rules:
– Leave a comment answering- What charaben bento would you like to learn (or eat)? 
(Wow, that is so easy!!!)
– Anonymous comments: leave your email address and first name in the comments (so I can reach you if you win!).

BONUS ENTRIES– Leave a separate comment for each bonus entry! Up to FOUR Bonus entries!

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Get a Piece of the Life Sized Gundam on YJ!

The second charity auction for a piece of the life sized Gundam began on YJ! auctions yesterday!

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, a life sized 59 foot tall Gundam was built at Tokyo’s Odaiba island, and now pieces of the Gundam are being sold on YJ auction for charity!

Proceeds of the auction go to Japan Committee of the World Children’s Vaccines.

Check out the YJ! auction here and if you wish to bid,  contact Rinkya!