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Super Mario 25th Anniversay Japan Exclusive Preorder!

Super Mario’s Special 25th Anniversary Edition Game Set- Super Mario Collection- is now available at Rinkya Stores for Preorder!

The game set includes:  Super Mario Bros,  US and Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2   Mario Bros. 3 in one, with 16-bit graphics, Booklet Super Mario History 1985-2010, and a Super Mario soundtrack

Sold out everywhere, but we found a couple copies available!  Order today- VERY limited quantities available.  Releases October 21st.

Dreams Come True- A Japanese Cure for A Hangover

A friend of mine opened his new bar- a long dream of his that became true…or I should say he made it into a reality. On his grand opening day, we went to celebrate!

Like any good bar, there was a variety of alcohol available- tequila, scotch, rum, bourbon, wines and more.

I ordered both champagne and a cocktail to start the night but then realized- it was not the weekend.
It was a Wednesday…so my moral dilemma began- cannot get too drunk, cannot be hungover at work, maybe I should not drink, BUT I also really want to celebrate my friend’s success tonight and that includes drinking….!

Here is my answer, my cure all for hangovers-

“Ukon no chikara”- the power of tumeric< I drink a bottle before I begin drinking to prevent a hangover. I am not sure exactly how it works, I read that the turmeric helps you digest alcohol better, either way, or for whatever reason, I can feel a difference in the morning.
I cannot promise it prevents a hangover 100% but for the low price of 150 yen each, Ukon no chikara is worth it and it works for me!

 Celebrate on a weeknight with friends and go to work the next day!

It is the best way to prevent a hangover- and I have tried MANY tricks. If you live outside Japan, you can order this value pack of 30, and prevent 30 hangovers in your future!

Japanese Hangover Cure-Ukon no Chikara Powder
US $34.09

Voltron Movie Concept Art! (Go Lion is originally from.. Japan!?!)

We all remember watching Voltron as a kid. Each show was the same formula. Voltron gets badly beaten by the enemy, clinging onto dear life and with his very last bit of energy, he pulls out his”Blazing Sword” to defeat his enemy.

I remember my father making fun of me for watching it because it was completely predictable. Nevertheless, when you are 8 years old, Voltron was the predecessor to the transformers and AWESOME.

Many people don’t realize that Voltron is originally from Japan.
Peter Keefe licensed Beast King GoLion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV, chopped it all up, edited it, dubbed it and Voila! A cartoon that is in as many pieces as the five original lions of Voltron.

Behold as Atlas Entertainment makes their pitch to the Hollywood studios for Voltron the movie. I wonder if Michael Bay is busy? We know Megan Fox isn’t.

Concept Art from

And finally an amazing treasure from my own collection. The eyecatch (commercial break), original production cel used in Go Lion. Even though I’m older than 8, I still love Voltron.

Evangelion Christmas Cake?

That’s right, you can now surprise one of your “Wotome” girls with an Evangelion Christmas cake.

Starting on September 28th, you can now pre-order a 13 inch, chocolate cake with a Rei figure for only 3950 yen; to be picked up during the Christmas season (12/19-12/25).

The tradition of Christmas cakes in Japan comes with a joke about Japanese women.
Just like a Christmas cake, it’s hard to dispose of after the 25th. So basically, it’s hard to marry after you turn 25. In this day and age though, the “hard to marry” age has been upped to 31, linked to toshikoshi-soba, a noodle dish eaten on December 31st.

I wonder if they have a name for the single guys who order Evangelion cakes on Christmas Eve? You think they might have some problems in the marriage department as well?

The "Onigiri Science"- A How To Guide :)

If you are visiting Japan and feel like having a quick snack, a great idea is to check out the local convenience store and see what they have!
Sandwiches look nice, but let’s try some new japanese food, right? Experience Japan!
What about those rice triangles wrapped in a seaweed sheet? They look simple, a fast snack and Japanese! Yeah, let’s go for one of those! You bought it and now you remove it from its vinyl and have a bite…

No…not that simple!
By now, you are struggling to open it and your “Onigiri” is no more- nor longer triangle shaped, rice is smashed, seaweed is torn and all is mixed with vinyl layers which you cannot figure out how in the world they should be taken apart.
It’s horrible, I know… But don’t worry!

Go back in the store and buy another one.

Follow the link below for a list of flavors (some good, some bad & a How To Guide on Opening your Onigiri!

Here are the instruction for a happy Onigiri time:

First, you should know that the Onigiri is sold wrapped in the vinyl, in a way the rice doesn’t touch the seaweed layer (so the seaweed keeps crispy, without getting wet on the contact with rice).
It means there is an extra vinyl layer in between that must be removed with a correct opening.
Follow the simple instructions:

1) Pull the stripe all round the Onigiri as in the picture, try not to brake it before the complete pattern is done. In this way, you have divided the wrapping material in two parts.

 2) Now, grab the angles and pull both righ and left sides apart. Remove gently…both layer slip out smoothly!

 3) You have mastered the Onigiri Science and you are ready to go, enjoy it!

…Oh, by the way….try to understand before buying what’s the filling inside the rice, or another bad surprise might be waiting for you!
Here are some popular fillings examples:

“Ume”: a sour plum taste…(you’d better leave this as the last option…^^)

“Tuna-Mayo”: tuna mayonnaise mix

“Mentaiko”: spicy cod roe

“Tarako”: cod roe

“Negitoro”: tuna and negi (a radish)

“Yakitori”: grilled chicken

“Yakijake”: grilled salmon

“Hidaka-Kombu”: seaweed (Hidaka is the place of provenience)

“Itamiso-rayu”: Pork miso flavour in spiced oil

Japanese Eat Cow Butt-holes, turn it into Cute Hello Kitty Mascot

“Horumon” is fairly popular in Japan regarded a cheap, “yummy” meal that gives you “stamina”.

The word sort of sounds like “hormones”, which is where they might get the stamina idea.

BUTT, what it really is though, is something quite different.
“horu” is kansai dialect for “trash” and “mon” are “things. So basically Horumon are the things you throw away.
Like cow/pig lips, butt-holes and guts.

Are you hungry yet? Yummy!

Well, leave it up to the Japanese to make a Hello Kitty mascot out of Kitty-chan, wrapped up in a cow butt-hole.

When your kids are screaming for the new cow butt-hole Hello Kitty phone strap, you can thank Kanagawa-ken’s famous Atsugi Shirocoro Hormon! Already wrapped! (These things are actually selling out like hot cakes (butts)).