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Baobab Pepsi- Japan’s Annual Summer Release!!

BaoBab is a tree found in Africa and Australia.

According to Plantz of Africa, the entire tree is used for various purposes, including homes–as the girth of the tree can be up to 90 feet!!

The fruit, leaves and bark are used as well for food, medicinal purposes, etc.

Pepsi Japan has decided to use this remarkable fruit for their newest summer release- Baobab Pepsi!

Like every year before, our staff has taste tested the soda pop- even though no one had any idea what a baobab was supposed to taste like??

We poured a round for a few taste testers!

Our staff reactions:

“Tastes like it has sort of a mandarin flavor, not too soft not too sweet. Not a lot of gas…”
“It’s like orange soda..
“like ginger ale with less bubbles”

Does not sound too bad if you like orange soda? But everyone said they would not buy it to drink on their own!

Contact Rinkya if you want to order!

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Teddy Bear USB Hubs

USB hubs are a must in Japan, since they come out with new interesting USB drives all the time. Check out many of the USBs featured on our blog here

This Teddy Bear one is particularly cute and also let’s you know the time!

Check out his donut arm, lol (PS, donut usb can be found here as well :)

Available in Pink, White and Yellow