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Swimmer Headphones! Wasabi Wasabi! YJ! Items!

Swimmer is a very popular and trendy Japan store- and the best part about them is they are affordable!

They sell a variety of kawaii products, but their headphones definitely put them on the map!

Unfortunately, they do not have any stores outside Japan, however Rinkya can help!

Currently these styles are on YJ! auctions and you can bid now! Some of these styles are RARE and no longer available for purchase at the stores!

Strawberry Heart Cake!


Alice in Wonderland RARE

Or purchase direct from Rinkya Stores to get the current lines available!

Either way you choose to buy, Rinkya can help you receive them to your location!!

Tokyo International Anime Fair- A Sneak Peek From Rinkya!

Rinkya visited the Tokyo International Anime Fair this weekend.

In its’ 9th year, the fair is a popular festival that draws exhibitors from around the world and promotes the Japanese animation industry.

We will have much more to show you this week- A special on Cosplayers & Mascots!

But check out these pictures below in the meantime, for a look inside the Anime festival!

Adorable cosplayer, look for our post on cosplayers for the event next week!!

Sweet car!

A mousepad with handy wrist “breasts” avoid carpal tunnel with these handy pillows

This chicken mascot scared our photographer! As she thought it was a stuffed animal, then after taking the picture, “it” moved towards her, hahaha!
Anyonw know WHO this mascot is? We don’t!

Look for more picture heavy posts from the Tokyo International Anime Fair!! Enjoy, we sure did!!

Beautiful Tape Designs From Japan!!

There are a variety of elegant, fun, and whimsical tape designs from Japan.

Clear tapes, masking tape and more are available in an assortment of colors and designs.

A ton of different design projects come to mind! Scrapbooking, decorating vases, etc etc

See what YOU can come up with!

Prices range from 300 yen- 650 yen, let us know which ones you want- small commission fees apply!

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