Monthly Archives: February 2010

Meiji Chocolate Cafe For an Original Valentine’s Gift!

Meiji Chocolates have been a longtime maker of deliciousness, but with the creation of a 100% chocolate cafe- they have expanded and created 56 flavors, and a new one for Valentine’s Day!

A special Valentine’s chocolate available 214- a champagne strawberry chocolate. (300 yen)

A special gift set with 214 flavor, Wasanbon (26), Cheese (35), and Strawberry (39).
(3500 yen)

Or spell out your love for your Valentine with this special gift set. (2000-4000 yen size available)

Or get all 56 chocolates with the addition of special flavor 214 in a special library set. (16000 yen)

Flavors like Rose, Vanilla Spicy, Maple, Honey, Black Pepper are just some of the ones you can taste!

Or mix and match, Rinkya Stores will send whatever flavors you want for a small commission fee & shipping!

Peruse the chocolate cafe, and then place your order here!

Please note, chocolate cannot be shipped to Canada :(

Kawaii Make your Own Eraser Sets!

These sets are awesome for children!

You receive different colors and stencil diagrams to follow and you can finish off the eraser by zapping them in microwave.

Stitch from Disney Eraser Set! Make Angel and other characters from the beloved Disney series!

We, of course have a Hello Kitty set!

If you do not want a character series try these simpler series!

There are multiple varieties available, and once you own a kit set, you can pick up different colors and varieties for much cheaper later on!

Kits range from 1800 yen down to 850 yen!

Contact Rinkya Stores for any orders!