Monthly Archives: January 2010

Puchi Puchi (BubbleWrap!) Kawaii Japan!

Even bubble wrap (puchi puchi in Japanense) is given the kawaii treatment. There are multiple shapes, characters available!

Need to wrap Valentine’s gifts?
Red, pink, white, yellow, clear, green and blue hearts available!

How about Mickey Mouse?

Want to make art?
Snoopy, Pokemon, Piglet, Dokemon and many more!!

Pop those Mondays off your calender!

Puzzle shaped bubble wrap!

Contact Rinkya Stores for any bubble wrap order, we can also get wholesale prices!

Q Pot- Wasabi YJ Auction!

What is Q-Pot?

One of the hottest jewelry designers in Japan!

Taking little sweets, girlish items and making them into a very successful brand who has had collaborations with Disney, Blythe, Fauchon, Haagen-Dazs, and many more!

The Disney Alice series is especially cute and hard to find.

Be the first to bring Q-Pot to your hometown!

Drink Me necklace is normally over $250, you can grab this one on Yahoo at 15,300 yen!!
Drink Me Alice in Wonderland necklace, on auction now!

My fav Q-Pot are the ghosts from Halloween which are very rare!!!
Here is one on auction now!

Rinkya can also order from the online Japan Q-Pot shop for you via Rinkya Stores!