Monthly Archives: January 2010

Variety of Kit Kat Japan Flavors- Wasabi YJ! Auction Item!

Instead of spending a fortune on the same old chocolates this Valentine’s Day, why not get a huge lot of Kit Kats from Japan?

Unique flavors found only in Japan! Some are exclusive and limited release in Japan! Wasabi Wasabi Item!!!!

12 Mini Soy Sauce Kit Kats
2 Mochi with Red Beans
2 Ginger Ale
2 Royal Milk Tea
2 Regular Chocolate
2 White
10 Cookie Plus
14 Mini Royal Milk Teas
14 Caramel Pudding
7 (1 bag) of Chooclate & Sweet Potato
15 (1 bag) of Regular Chocolate

For a total of 82 Kit Kat packages, wow, bid now for 4000 yen!!

Candy cannot be shipped to Canada, sorry :(

New Moon Saga Box Set Japan Exclusive Preorder!!

Two exclusive New Moon DVD box sets are now available for preorder from Japan!

Only 2000 box sets are available of this special- comes with an SD Card with exclusive pictures!
Preorder NOW to get your hands on this limited release!
6216 yen for the DVD set, plus a low $15 Rinkya commission

Do not wait for it to show up on auction!
The Twilight exclusive costs hundreds of dollars now on YJ!

Also available is another New Moon DVD set (minus the SD special) in a limited 10,000 edition!
4,618 yen, with $13 commission from Rinkya Stores!