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Fukubukuro Bags on YJ! Samurai Chopping Block!!

It is that time a year again for Fukubukuro!

Lucky bags are an awesome New Year’s specialty in Japan. They average 50-75% less than retail price and are filled with a mixture of goodies from the company. Fashion designers, computers, etc all partake in Lucky Bags.

Direct links to YJ with Fukubukuro:

Broad Categories:
Fukubukuro Accessories
Fukubukuro All Items
Fukubukuro All Items
Fukubukuro All Items
Fukubukuro Apparel
Fukubukuro Collectibles
Fukubukuro Interior Items

Fukubukuro Anime/Comic Related Goods

Angelic Pretty Fukubukuro
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Fukubukuro
h.NAOTO Fukubukuro
Metamorphose Fukubukuro
Peace Now Fukubukuro


Merry Christmas Bentos- Anime Edition!!

Here is a special Anime Christmas Bento collection!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Many cute little Totoros and Makkuro Kurosuke to celebrate the holidays!
SO CUTE! I do not think I could eat it!

DragonBall Z Santa!

Doraemon Santa!

Sponge Bob Santa

It would not be a Japan Christmas without an appearance from Hello Kitty!

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Happy Holidays Everyone!color>

Merry Christmas Bentos!

Our Annual Merry Christmas Bento Special is here!color>

I would love to find this cute penguin in a stocking!

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Source

Santa Hat & Boots

Bunny takes over as Santa- he is made from cheese, crab. A cute reindeer from a hot dog!
Multiple trees are made from green beans, corn and lima beans! Source

I love all the little details in this one- a wreath, tree, and a very happy Santa & Snowman!

Look for tomorrow’s special- Anime Christmas Bentos!!color>

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