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Unsightly Bathroom Noises? Disney Helps Cover Up Farts!

In Japan it is popular to have an electronic noisemaker in bathrooms, to prevent anyone else from hearing you pee or go number 2.

Disney and Sanrio now have portable keychain noisemakers, so that you can take it everywhere with you!

This cute little comic shows the host enjoying the music coming from the bathroom!

1260 yen each, order via Rinkya Stores! An awesome stocking stuffer!!

Chou Rare- Louis Vuitton Jack & Lucie Keyring

This was originally released in 2006 for Halloween and sold out immediately.
It also came in white & orange as well, but everyone snatched up the more neutral colors you see in this auction.

B class condition because of the brass is worn a little, but otherwise in amazing shape. These used to go on Ebay for over $600, so it is a great and rare bargain!

Louis Vuitton Auction

I Want These LED Lights For Christmas!

Christmas and Kawaii- Japan’s contribution to Christmas goods and decorations is a good one I must say! I love all the Christmas goodies coming out!

These are 780 each, and easily stick on a window and surfaces with the sticker on the back.

It comes with a set of spare batteries, but it also has an on and off switch, so you can only use when you wish!
Changes into 7 colors!

Order NOW for Christmas via Rinkya Stores!