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ChocoCase Looks Good Enough to Eat!

This unique Ipod case performs triple duty- protects your Ipod AND it is much cooler than a simple color skin, AND you can attach a block speaker!

Available in milk or dark chocolate!
1480 yen each, plus $9 store commission fee, Order via Rinkya Stores!

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Fashionable Baby Bibs!

Who says bibs need to just be cutesy bears and balloons? These stylish bibs will also get you some laughs!

These adorable bibs from Japan designer Floyd come in several designs- Tie (your very own mini salaryman), strawberry, camera, sunglasses, ribbon, headphone, flower, cherry, marine, suspenders, bow tie, princess, prince & medal!

Order any one or multiple styles! Via Rinkya Stores– 2500 yen each, $10 stores commission fee!

Rinkya Reviews- Pan in A Can!

Rinkya staff members taste tested two kinds of Pan In A Cans!
Bread life- chocolate cream and muffin “type”
The use of the word “type” to describe is not comforting…

Our taste testers! Happy to oblige our A Rinkya Blog readers!

How many Rinkya staff members does it take to open a small can of muffin?
The muffin type bread life came with a tiny can opener, which apparently was difficult to use!

The trusty “sniff test”

And- they eat!

Chocolate dream review remarks-
“tastes like emergency rations, what you would think it would taste like.”
“Chocolate bread was like fake food. It was OK though.”

Muffin type review remarks-
“The muffin was actually good, sort of tasted like cornbread.”
“Muffin – butter flavor is a little strong, but it’s still good. I would eat it again”

Overall consensus was:
“I would never buy it for myself, but for emergency rations (like earthquake) it is not bad”

There are numerous flavors of the bread available, so stock up your pantries:
Orange, Raisin, Milk, Cream, Strawberry, Honey Lemon, Butter, Blueberry, Vanilla Milk, Green Tea- a special Okinawa series- -Tropical, Purple Yam, and Black Sugar

Only 298 each, if you would like to try! Order via Rinkya Stores!