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Our Third Annual Halloween Bentos From Japan!!

I think this bento finally made Hello Kitty look scary, as opposed to her adorable self! Zombie Hello Kitty!color>

An Out Of This World Alien Bento!color>

Bat Bento!color>

Do not be scared of these witches- these baby chicks are too cute!

Blog readers know I love Stitch, so of course when I saw this Halloween pumpkin Stitch, I had to include it for the Halloween Bento Special!color>

Bento Supplies From Rinkya!

Past Halloween Bentos:color>
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Azuki Pepsi Review!

A mixed bag of reviews from our taste testers:

“Not too sweet, enjoyable at first, but basically taste like medicines.”

“Tastes like soda with the unique/distinct odor of beans. It is not Pepsi tasting, it is worst than Shiso or Cucumber.”

“It does not taste like Azuki beans. Something like strawberry & Dr. Pepper, but just sweet with less flavor.”

“Soda itself doesn’t taste like the original product, but the after taste does…slightly”

“I like it! You like Dr. Pepper? I like that too.”

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