Monthly Archives: September 2009

My Doraemon is Awesome AND On Sale!

Get your own robot cat Doraemon!

He has a 1300 word vocab, and you can set up the date and time – and he will know your birthday and discuss other seasonal events!
Has built in light and heat sensors- saying “Goodnight” when the light is turned off!

Currently on sale for only 21600 yen (that is 9900 YEN DISCOUNT! (over $100 savings!!) order via Rinkya Stores for low commission of $30!

All-in-One Countertop Man Makes Cake!

Make room on your countertop for this!!
The cutest addition to your kitchen & keeps all your cake, cookie making supplies in one place!

Comes with: whisk, 4 cookie cutters, measuring cup, Teddy Bear Cake pan, spatulas, pastry bag with 6 settings, and a bowl (the helmet looking thing on the guy :)

I do not eat sweets, but badly want this, lol!

From Japan designer Kazimoto Hiroshi from Kai House

I Want Popsicle Soaps!

I may be hungrier than normal this week, a chocolate theme post yesterday and now popsicles!

Looks good enough to eat, if you like soapy Popsicles..

Only 1578 yen for a pack of 8, and they come wrapped all pretty:

A great way to get kids to wash their dirty little hands! (or mouths, if you are one of those moms!)

Don’t like popsicles? Get your own soap making kit from Japan!
Order via Rinkya Stores