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Wire Snakes Keep Your Cords Together!

If you read the blog often, you know I am always on the look out for anything that organizes cords or hides them away- I cannot stand looking at them all over the house!

These “wire snakes” look perfect for the job!

Five colors available: Blue, Red, Gray, Orange and White, 630 yen each!

Product Page order via Rinkya Stores

Hanging Man Cord Organizer
Lil Animal Cord Organizers
Power Strip to Hide Your Cords
Colorful Power Strips

Alarm Clock That Forces You to Work Out!

This may be my favorite annoying alarm clock from Japan (I LOVE arm exercises 😉

In order to make it stop, you must do some lifting, at least EIGHT bicep curls are required!
Comes in red, white and black, only 2980 yen for a great, original gift!

The many, many FUN alarm clocks from Japan:

We have Gun O clock– an alarm that does not go off until you do some target practice
A flying alarm clock– catch it, or else it screeches (perhaps THE most annoying one…)
A Grenade– throw it against wall to turn off

Order any of the alarm clocks via Rinkya Stores

Barbie Wins Again!!

Congratulations to Rinkya user, IgeanaG, who took First Place in TWO categories at the 2009 Barbie 50th Anniversary Gala convention held in Washington DC in July!!

NRFB item: Vintage Barbie outfit 1959-1966 1st place

The blue lace dress won 1st place vintage/mod outfit released outside the US

These beautiful, rare Barbie items were found on YJ! auctions, thank you for using Rinkya for your prize winning collection!! Good luck hunting!