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Soap Making Kit- Kawaii Fruits & Sweets!

This soap making kit from Japan is easy to use and you can create the cutest soaps with the molds.
Is it wrong I want this when it is marketed for little girls?

It looks good enough to eat!

Comes with everything you see above, shown above is the sweets soap version, the fruit one comes with different colors and molds!

Fruit Product Page
Sweets Product Page

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Hello Kitty X h. NAOTO

Hello Kitty turned 35 this year and in celebration, special edition Hello Kitty items are coming out!

Famed Japanese fashion designer, h. NAOTO, collaborated with Hello Kitty (again) to bring another line of Hello Kitty specials.

Check Out Sanrio for all the goods! Order via Rinkya Stores!

h. NAOTO on YJ
Hello Kitty on YJ

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