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Ninja USB Star!

Solid Alliance’s USBs have been featured quite a bit on our blog as they are often fun and weird- this Ninja Star from Solid Alliance though is awesome looking!

9800 yen, 2GBs, and works on your Mac or PC!

Solid Alliance Store

Ninja Pins
Free Train Ride When You Dress as a Ninja

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A Collection of Wacky USB Drives!

Shiso Pepsi Japan Exclusive Flavor!

Shiso is a common herb used in Japan- on salads, sashimi (my personal favorite use!) and even on pizza!

Coming to Japan June 23rd! Look for our blog review in June & we will add them to your ship request for a low fee (Each bottle is 600 grams added to your shipment (full bottles of soda are heavy!)

Pepsi Product Page

Pepsi Blue Hawaii Review
Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Transformers Revenge of The Fallen Japan Exclusives!

Preorder now with Amiami’s sale prices!

Jaguar USB Transformer currently 25% off for only 2984 yen!

Tigatron USB also 25% off for 2984 yen!

And to tie it all together the Broadcast USB Hub! Wow, I cannot believe this awesome transformation! 31% off for 3980 yen!

Order any or all via Rinkya Stores!
Commission is $8 base fee, $1 per 1000 yen after. Only ONE base fee per store, not per item!
We charge what the store charges for shipment!

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen other exclusives:
Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Robo Qs

Did you miss any of the old exclusives? Check out Yahoo Japan for them and bid through Rinkya!

Melons Drop In Price But Still Shockingly Expensive!

The infamous auction for the first Yubari melons of the season took place this past Friday and sold for 500,000 yen (nearly $5400 USD)!!

The shock is not the high price tag but rather the huge drop from last year’s auction price of 2.5 million yen (nearly $27000 USD)!
Looks like Japan’s drop in prices involves every sector!

So why the high price?
Giving expensive fruit in Japan is a prized gift as seen by our prior blog posts: Grapes for A Grand and Square Watermelons!

Via Washington Post