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Japan Makes Playing With Your Food So Much Fun!!

This reminds me of one of my favorite games when I was a kid- Mouse Trap!

In Japan it is for traditional nagashi soumen. You grab the noodles as they go down the cold water slide.

The pipes also break off and act as bowls to hold spices in it to place on the noodles.

8400 yen- tax included- a great deal to make dinner or lunch more exciting with the family! Small commission fee of $17 via Rinkya Stores

Pic above from a traditional restaurant

You can also purchase the real ones used via here but the Bandai one is portable, small and for home use!

Via Impress Watch

Love Cats? Get this Cat Tail USB!!

Japan- land of the rising sun should also be called land of the many ridiculous USBs!
This looks like a small creature attacked the laptop! My dog would go nuts!!

Product page order via Rinkya Stores

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Happy Easter Bentos!!

This cute one is my favorite! Little chicks and bunnys!!

An adorable bunny made of rice! Salmon, broccoli, carrots and more create this healthy bento!

A sushi Easter bunny! Taking a nap after a long day of hiding eggs! Some ingredients include egg and carrot!

These baby chicks are made from egg and even the cherry tomato has a baby chick coming out of it!

Let’s dress up Hello Kitty as a chick for Easter!

And another Sanrio character- the bunny rabbit- Cinnamon!

Have a wonderful Easter!!

Reuse Any Wine or Plastic Bottle for a Vase!

Designer MILK has created this beautiful accessory that can fit on any wine or plastic bottle. Turn any ordinary leftover bottle into an awesome centerpiece- and help prevent pounds of garbage from growing!

Only 1260 yen each- order via Rinkya Stores for low commission of $9!

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