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Endless Beer Can Popping Keychain!

Here’s a gift for your favorite beer lover, or alcoholic. Re-enact the joyous sound of opening a beer with the endless can beer keychain!

It does not come with a warning, but beware, similar to how cats go running when they hear the can opener, you might end up being tackled by a few Homer Simpson types while playing with it!

Available in June from Bandai for around $9.00! Pick up yours at Rinkya Stores!

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Via Crunchgear

Workaholic Pillow!

I am not sure if anyone should try this one on for size with the recession and all, but you can fake a long day with this book pillow!!

I think they should have added text to the open page to make it more realistic.
Even if it was in Japanese, you can wow your bosses with the fact you are reading Japanese- even if you are asleep, maybe they will be impressed?

This fake book that is actually a pillow is awesome if you are low on space too, fits right in your bookshelf!

3500 yen commission fee $12 from Rinkya Stores!

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Honk! Honk! Car USB Drives!

I am a huge fan of these adorable USBs!! I particularly love the VolksWagon Bus! But you also get a Peugeot, Lamborghini, or a Beetle! Makes an engine start up noise when you plug it in!

Holds 1GB of memory, and Supports the OS Windows98, 98SE, ME, XP, 5800 yen each!

Product Page order via Rinkya Stores

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