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Valentine Designed Bentos!

Happy Valentine’s Day Readers!

Our gift to you is another holiday collection of Bentos with a special Valentine’s theme!color>

Rose Bento Every girl loves roses on Valentine’s Day!

A few pink rice hearts!

Yellow Egg, Hamburger and ketchup Hearts!

Cupid & his Arrow, Roses & Hearts Galore!

This adorable Teddy Bear holds a heart to give a special someone!

A Special Valentine’s Couple!

Want an 8 legged hug? This cutey Octopus made from Japanese style hot dogs will do it!

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Search all the listings for Bento on YJ and Bid Through Rinkya!

Meet Japan’s Poo Poo Kids or In Other Words- Fart Dolls!

Japan, like the rest of the world, finds amusement with farts!
These little fart dolls make special noises when you squeeze them!
The names are Whoopie, Gas, Suu and Gary (?)
Not sure how the name Gary fits in all this, but it is Japan and oftentimes things do not make sense!

Only 1000 yen each! Add the cute whoopie cushion for only 260 yen each!
Order via Rinkya Stores for the low commission of $8.00, get the set of 4 for the low commission of $12!

Visit the Poo Poo kid’s home page for some funny videos, stories and click the baby to hear some noise (click Try Me)!

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Unko (poo) is considered Good Luck!

Win Rinkya Credit & Join Japundit!

Do you like reading Japan news? Stay updated on all the news out of Japan!

Check out Japundit- Japan News Junkie, a Japan Social Bookmark site that gathers the best stories (with a Japan influence) around the web!

Just by joining, you become eligible for a ton of prizes- including Rinkya dollars!

* 1st prize through 10th prize
o If you are in Japan: 5,000 yen Quo card, which can be used for purchases at various convenience stores, restaurants, gas stations, and other locations in Japan.
o If you are outside of Japan: $50 gift certificate which can be used to purchase goods from J-LIST
o All top 10 winners: $10 gift certificate which can be used to purchase goods or services from Rinkya.
* 11th prize through 20th prize
Authentic Japanese strange English T-shirts. These are the real deal and are not novelty items. They are off-the-rack shirts purchased at a Japanese department store.

Japundit Promo Full Details

Good Luck to everyone!

Post It Note USB- Japan Thinks of Everything!

I love posting the odd, wacky and cute USBs from Japan, however, typically they are for laughs or looks only (although, yes they are all USB drives)

The newest USB release however, is not very cute or wacky, but rather Post it Notes!!

USB stick holds 100 mini notes and 2GB of memory.

I would love to have one of these attached to my laptop!

Product Page

Thanks to CrunchGear for the heads up, you can preorder anytime through Rinkya Stores!

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