Monthly Archives: January 2009

A Year In A Rinkya Blog!

I have collected your favorite blog posts from each month of 2008, according to our stats, these won out this year!! Check out ones you may have missed or reread your favorites!

January- Funny Dog Toys from Japan LOL, I love these, no one got me any this year!!

February- Pooh & Friends Dress Up YOUR Best Friend Two pet ones in a row!

March- Louis Vuitton Roses The major fashion house puts their design on roses!

April- The Sleaziest Mouse Pad Ever May be our most viewed blog post ever!

May- Kawaii Tissue Boxes

June- Dog & Cat Earthquake Survival Gear

July- Disney Stitch Masks– In my opinion, Disney’s cutest character, adorns sick masks!

August- What is Marimo? Looks like many of you wanted to know!

September- Gun O’Clock One of the many annoying alarm clocks from Japan, but this one had the others beat!

October- Halloween Bentos from Japan

November- Mario Mushroom Vibrator Quickly becoming a very popular post!

December- Reusable Maxi Pads Barely a month old, but our readers love to share this post!

The Best of A Rinkya Blog 2007!