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The Lazy Pillow

I know pillows are inherently lazy, you use them to lie down, get comfy etc

But this is a whole other set of lazy. Tired of holding the phone, let’s just lie down and use it while making our phone calls. Hey, sometimes your arm hurts from holding it up to your ear?

Basically the pillow has empty cubes, so that your hearing is not blocked while lying on one side. Great for watching TV as well, so the sound can travel to your ear through the empty parts of the cubed pillow.


On sale for only 1000 yen! Purchase via Rinkya Stores! Product Page

Check out the Massage Pillow!

Japanese Gadget Revealed!

It is Chapit!

Some of the things Chapit can do are waking you, answering and redirecting phone calls, control lighting and thermostats, sync with your computer and act as a media server, control home appliances and electronics. You interact with Chapit by speaking to him in a natural tone. He currently only understands about 100 words but he’s designed to learn. Raytron believes Chapit is capable of learning 10,000 words given the time.

Look for it sometime in 2008!

Turned in by Blog Reader Izumi for our Guess the Gadget Contest! Congrats Izumi!

Quote via Tranism

Astro Boy Exclusive G Shock Watch Preorder Available!

This November marks the 80th anniversary of Osamu Tezuka’s birth. To commemorate the creator of Astro Boy, Casio G Shock is releasing a limited edition watch with Astro Boy!
Only 1000 will be sold at about $150 USD each within Japan only, but you can order through Rinkya Japan Stores.

The watch releases in November for Tezuka’s birthday, but is available for preorder: Astro Boy Product Page, to purchase fill out the form at Rinkya Japan Stores!

Thank you Astro Boy World for the heads up!

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Love Dolls- An Obsession

Youtube Video on Love Dolls

Pink Tentacle
wrote about the discovery of an abandoned love doll in Japan. Police were called in when walker bys thought it was a corpse. The man who dumped his love doll (figuratively and literally) turned himself in.

The Youtube video is a special report on the phenomenon of love dolls used as partners, rather than people finding real (as in human) ones. The first guy they talk about has about 100 of them, woah!