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3D TV- Only in Japan!

Hyundai has released a television that allows you to watch 3-D programs.
Japan only has a few 3D programs available on cable, but is hoping the trend will catch on.

The LCD TV is 46 inches & costs much more than the regular LCDs, coming in just under $4000. It comes with two pairs of 3D glasses.

While programming is currently very limited, regular TV programming is given an illusion of depth when you watch on the screen with your glasses.

Hyundai does not have plans to release the TV anywhere but Japan, but maybe if it is a successful run, we will see the demand elsewhere!


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Ponyo On A Cliff Free Gift With Tickets!

Lawson stores began a promotion for Hayao Miyazaki’s newest film, Ponyo on A Cliff by the Sea (Gake no ue no Ponyo)

Buy Advance tickets on their website and recieve a free gift! A water gun shaped like Ponyo, the main character or two towels with Ponyo patterns.

Check out the latest Studio Ghibli movie and get your free gift through Rinkya Stores!

Lawson Promo Page

Via Anime News Network

Sexy Japanese Advertising!

I am sure this item is available in the US and elsewhere, but do they advertise it as the Japanese do?

I do not think so!

Slightly NSFW!

First the actual product for sale:

Meet Angela in the Plaza Spy Costume, showing how the fake key holders are a great deterrent for thieves. The key will not work!

A closeup of the um, fake locks..

Another use, perhaps? They do stick anywhere

For the product page and more of Angela “selling” the product click here