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Slam Dunk Anime Releases Official Uniforms

Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk have released official uniforms for the popular basketball manga and anime series.

Jerseys from 12 different characters are available online and the three main characters: Hanamichi Sakuragi (Shohoku High School), Shinichi Maki (Kainan) and Akira Sendoh (Ryonan), are included in DVD box sets.

If you have the DVDs pick up the jerseys online via Rinkya Stores via Toei Animation for 10,290 yen a piece.

Deadline for orders are August 31 for the first batch and October 31 for the second batch.

Via Anime News Network

Transformers 2 Movie- SoundWave Is In!

The transformer Soundwave is confirmed for Transformers 2. Soundwave is a Decepticon tape player, he ejected tapes which also turned into miniature robots, jammed radio signals, and could read minds. He is definitely one of the more popular Transformers and is sure to make many fans happy with his entrance in the movie.

Transformers On YJ

Transformers on the Blog, Including Links for Exclusive Items!


New Blythe Dolls Available From Japan!

CWC Limited Edition Neo Blythe Precocious Candy’s Mush Room goes on sale May 21st online in Japan. Limited edition- 3000 dolls. 14,490 yen

CWC Limited Edition Petite Blythe “Charlotte Champignon” goes on sale TODAY online in Japan. Limited edition- 3000 dolls 3,990 yen

Two adorable new Blythes to add to your collection via Rinkya Stores!

Or check out Yahoo Japan for a variety of past releases, clothing and accessories for your Blythe Doll!

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