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Mickey Mouse IRiver Accessories!

The Mplayer from Iriver is already adorable in the variety of colors and designs shaped like everyone’s favorite Disney mouse- Mickey.
Mickey’s ears are used for volume and selecting songs.

The tiny size makes it easy to carry everywhere- on a keychain, around your neck etc.
And since Japan likes everything kawaii (cute), you can also purchase a hat kit to make the Mp3 player even cuter!

Many varieties available here you can purchase via Rinkya Stores!

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Mickey Mouse on YJ
Disney on YJ

Space Invaders Attack Yahoo Japan!

Check out Yahoo Japan for a space invasion!

Celebrating 30 years of the pioneering video game, first released in Japan in 1978 by Tomohiro Nishikado, the Space Invaders have come to attack Yahoo Japan.

The website looks awesome and is a preview of the upcoming events for the 30 year anniversary of Space Invaders.

For more on the event, take a look at another page here but check out this link FIRST!

Space Invaders On YJ
Atari on YJ

Star Wars Golf Bags & Tees!

A great way to intimidate your opponent in golf is with the Darth Vader or Storm Trooper golf club bag. These Star Wars collectibles are available in Japan soon for 50000 yen ($500 USD), We will update with store info as soon as we hear!

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