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Asia’s Oldest Robot!

Meet Gakutensoku! He is the oldest example of a robot from Asia.
He was built in 1928 for Emperor Showa, the longest reigning emperor of Japan at a total of 63 years.

Standing ten feet, 6 inches, the robot was twice the height of the emperor.

Spending lots of money ($200,000) Japan has reanimated the 80 year old robot!

Gizmodo has a video here, the slow movements of the robot are very creepy looking!! I could not watch the whole thing, yes I am a wuss!

Search YJ for your own robot!

Japan Gadget Revealed!

Wow many of you got the gadget correct! It is indeed a bamboo whisk, a chasen, for tea cermonies.

Icie’s was the most accurate description:

whisk is right, but it’s a bamboo whisk used for preparing maccha (thick japanese green tea) during tea ceremonies. green tea powder, hot water, whisk.

Purchase via Rinkya Stores via Product Page for 2500 yen

The Japanese tea ceremony is a formal celebration, with even the hand movements carefully dictated.
Other utensils used during the tea ceremony are the tea bowl and tea scoop.
Deeply rooted in Japan’s history and culture, the tea ceremony is an event one should try to partake in while visiting Japan.

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