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A $10,000 AstroBoy!!

This 2.5 inch Astro Boy otherwise known as Atomu in Japan is made of pure gold and is adorned with small diamonds. The item is only limited to 80 pieces, with a price tag of 1 million yen, perhaps the limited number is a good idea!

Astro Boy was also a major success outside Japan and Astro Boy animation cels and items are popular collectibles.

Items on YJ:
Astro Boy
Princess Knights
Rose of Versailles

Akihabara News

Never Get Caught With Bad Breath Again- The Etiquette Checker!

The Japanese gadget, “The Etiquette Checker”, analyzes your bad breath and checks your alcohol consumption.

Bad breath is measured in 6 levels of grossness. It promises to give you a reading before anyone wonders: “What is that smell?”

The gadget is pocket-sized for easy travel and is only 3360 yen ($33 USD).

Rakuten also bills it as a health precaution, since bad breath are signs of halitosis, stomach diseases, organ problems, etc.

Also, will keep you in check before you “ruin your body” with too much alcohol.
OR you can play with your friends and see who is the drunkest.
Party game or health checker, it is up to you!

Purchase via Rinkya Stores via Product Page!

Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Roses for White Day!

White day is March 14th in Japan and it is when the ladies get the gifts!

This White Day, French fashion designer Louis Vuitton has white monogrammed roses for 4000 yen each (approximately $39 USD each)

The special Louis Vuitton rose is available for a limited time only and looks great paired with a purse!

For more images of the white roses, visit Louis Vuitton Japan!

For more information on White Day, please read last year’s post here!

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Louis Vuitton on YJ

Disney Releases Japan Lilo & Stitch Show!

Disney will create a Lilo & Stitch TV show for Japan- with a few changes-
Lilo will no longer be from Hawaii, and instead lives in Okinawa, Japan and will be called Hanako.

Disney plans to work with Japan production agencies in order to cater to the Japanese audience. This is the first time Disney has produced TV content outside the US, versus dubbing into different foreign languages.

Lilo & Stitch are very popular in Japan and a variety of toys and items can be found!

Disney on Rinkya Stores
Lilo And Stitch on YJ


Happy Girl’s Day!

Hina Matsuari is “Girl’s Day” in Japan and families pray for the happiness & prosperity of their girls and display beautiful Hina sets on step tiered stands.

For Girl’s Day, we have collected a few doll links so you can add to your collection:

Hina Matsuri Items
Super Dollfies
Blythe Dolls
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