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Mega Muffin From McDonald’s Japan!

The MegaMuffin debuts next week in Japan on April 4th, and is part of the Mega Morning/Day/Night campaign for Mcdonald’s in Japan.

Available for a limited time only until May 4th.

Made up of 2 pork sausages, 1 egg, bacon, cheese, and ketchup it is sure to give the Mega Mac’s calorie amount a challenge, the Mega Mac is a whopping 754 calories and 45.9 grams of fat.

Calorie info on the Mega Muffin should be released soon!

McDonald’s Mega Page

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The Mega Mac that Started it All!

Go Green With Reusable Chopsticks!

Japan wants to reduce their garbage by 60% by the year 2015, one of the ways they are promoting reducing consumer waste is to encourage bringing your own chopsticks to eat with!

Available on YJ HERE

Available on YJ HERE

Benetton Several Colors Available on Rakuten HERE!

Here are some links to get your reusable chopsticks:
Chopsticks On YJ
Chopsticks on Rakuten

There are a variety to choose from, Anime characters, antiques, Hello Kitty and much more!

To practice on chopsticks, get Chopstick Jenga!

Another Go Green Gadget from Japan- the frog can crusher!


Dress As A Ninja & Get A Free Train Ride!

Enjoy free travel along the Iga Tetsudo Line starting April 1st throughout May 6th when dressed up as a ninja!

The free train rides are part of the Iga Ueno Ninja Festival- where ninja parades, dance and many more events highlighting ninjas take place.

Iga Ueno is well known for the Iga Ninja spies who we know made contributions to history, but since they are ninjas and lived up to their names, most facts & information are unknown.
The residents of Iga Ueno, some who are descendants of the great ninjas, keep the traditions alive in their beautiful city and is a very popular location to visit.

Mainichi Via Japan Probe

Pocket Karaoke From Japan!

Logitech Japan has released, Pokekara, a portable karaoke mic that can be taken anywhere and plugged into most anything!
If you feel the need to burst into song at anytime, Pokekara makes it easy!

Karaoke is a very popular activity in Japan. It is a little different from karaoke in the US. Karaoke is a more private affair, with a group of people renting a room (private boxes) so they can sing, unlike the US, where you sing in front of everybody!

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