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X Japan Adds Another Concert To Reunion Tour!

As reported earlier X Japan’s reunion concert dates sold out during the pre sale event.
X Japan has decided to add another date to the reunion concert to appease the many fans. The third concert will be held March 29.

A lottery for International X Japan fans is located here and has a small pool of tickets available for the reunion concert.

Tickets will show up on YJ, so purchase yours through Rinkya, we can ship direct to your Japan hotel/loding!

On February 29th, they will release a DVD Box set- “X JAPAN RETURNS” available for preorder here! Order via Rinkya Stores today to get your hands on the DVD release!

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McDonald’s New Menu Item Has Heart!

The newest menu item from McDonald’s Japan is the EpiPuri. The original version is a Mushroom Cream Shrimp fillet.
The limited version is an Italian Herb version shrimp fillet and has a cute Ebi heart mark on the bun- just in time for Valentine’s Day!

For more pics of the Shrimp fillet special click here!

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Nintendo DS Lite Rentals Make Rush Hour Fly By

Starting February 14th, train riders on the Shinkansen bullet train between Hiroshima and Tokyo will be offered free Nintendo DS systems and games for rent for a three day period. Only twenty will be available each day.

Video rentals are not popular in Japan and this method hopes to encourage more rentals and more train riders versus other methods of transportation.

Nintendo on YJ

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Tokidoki X Hello Kitty

Tokidoki, the popular brand from Italian artist Simone Legno has collaborated with Hello Kitty to bring some awesome new designs to Japan’s favorite cat.

Tokidoki means “sometimes” in Japanese, Legno loves Japan and his design is inspired by his love for Japan. So it is no surprise that Legno would take on Hello Kitty!

Keychains, dolls, purses and much more are available through, order through Rinkya Stores!

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Mario Kart Wii Japan Rumors!

My personal favorite game ever, is Mario Kart– and we are now hearing rumors of a Japan release date for the Wii Version!!

If the rumors are true, it will launch April 10th and will be bundled with Wii Wheel!
It will include 32 courses, a remake of classics and some newbies. You can also play as your Mii, if Mario or Luigi is not up your alley.

Previously confirmed, Mario Kart Wii boasts a 12 player online multiplayer so you can compete with players anywhere!

Nintendo had announced a Spring release date for the game, so hopefully no delays will occur.

Bid on Nintendo Products Now:
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Top Ten Charity Auctions on YJ 2007!

Yahoo Japan auctions released the top ten highest winning bids on auction for charity in 2007.

Topping the list was a life sized replica 100 ton hammer designed after City Hunter, The replica weighs 110 pounds and is 5.9 feet long. Tsukasa Hojo, the creator of City Hunter, Angel Heart and Cat’s Eye, signed the item, which sold for 1, 832, 000 yen (approximately 18,000 USD) !!

Number two is a guitar provided by Tomoyasu Hotei, who provided music for Kill Bill and Transformers. The guitar sold for 1,524,000 yen.

Two other guitars made the list- Kazuya Yoshii and Kouzi Tamaki, number 4 and 6.

Three signed baseball jerseys- Giants player Hisanori Takahashi (6 tied with Tamaki’s guitar), Tomonori Maeda (8)and Yoshihisa Naruse (9)

Yahoo! Japan’s charity auctions raised 135,948,760 yen (approximately $1,350,000 USD) in 2007.

Check out the list for the other auctions!

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