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Winter Wonder Festival 2008 Items Available!!

**UPDATED with Rakuten Links**

If you could not make it to Tokyo for the Wonder Festival and missed out on the exclusives, have no fear!

Rinkya has updated our search links to include the Wonder Festival exclusives that are now on YJ:

All Wonder Festival Links

Transformers Movie Arcee G1 Color LIMITED Edition

Wonder Festival 2008 Figures

Rakuten Wonder Festival Items

Read about the exclusive Transformers Item here

Ponyo On A Cliff Image Revealed!

Ponyo on a Cliff (Gake no ue no Ponyo) image album will be released on March 5th. A sneak peak at the cover image of the album was published on the composer Hisaishi Joe’s website.

The image is the second to be released of the much anticipated Miyazaki film.

The album is available for preorder via Amazon Japan, order via Rinkya Stores!

Ponyo on A Cliff Website


The Pillows Come to America!

Popular JPOP band, The Pillows will perform at Anime Boston on March 22nd!

Best known for their music in Gainax’s anime oav release, their mascot “Buster-kun” shows up on t-shirts, albums and Kubricks.

The band’s newest single cd/dvd “Tokyo Bambi” was released Jan 31st and can be ordered via Amazon here through Rinkya Stores!

YJ Links:
the pillows

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