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Wonder Festival 2008 Transformers Exclusive!

**UPDATED** Bid on YJ for this item NOW!

Winter Wonder Festival 2008 takes place in Tokyo, Japan on February 28th and with it comes exclusive collectibles sold in a limited quantity.

A collector’s paradise, but since it is only in Japan, makes it much harder for folks in the US and Europe to get some of these collectibles.

YJ sellers place them on YJ, so be sure to check out Yahoo the first week of March and bid through Rinkya.

One of the releases will be a Transformers Movie Arcee G1 Color Edition. The Takara/Tomy Booth will sell 1000 pieces.

As more exclusive collectibles are announced, we will let you know here on the blog and add links to YJ!

Via Tformers

Coming of Age Day 2008!

Yesterday in Japan, thousands of 20 year olds celebrated Coming Of Age Day (Seijin no hi).
20 is the age of “adulthood” in Japan and is the age in which they can legally drink, smoke and vote.
Many celebrations take place across Japan during this National Holiday and many young people dress in traditional kimonos.

Japan has one of the world’s oldest population and very low birth rate, the number of people who reached adulthood was the lowest on record at 1.35 million.

Kimonos and More Traditional Wears on YJ

Image Via India Times

Many Weird Japanese Cat Costumes!

I have had alot of pet posts lately (I just got a puppy, so maybe that’s why) but when I saw these cats in costume, I had to add another post!

For the Harry Potter Fan…

Salary Man Cats…

If you wanted a dog you should have gotten a dog costume…

Fill In Your Own Title, hahaha

This poor cat is done with the costumes and has the look of terror…

All Costumes and MANY more available here, Order Via Rinkya Stores

Hello Kitty-fy Your Cat
Funny Dog Toys

Japan Design Studio Lamps!

These awesome lamps, winner of a 2006 good design award are from Japanese design studio Rezon.

The lamps not only provide light, but are beautiful pieces of art. With the light off, they set one scene, with the light on, a completely different scene is shown.

I love the zebra one with the light off!

You can order direct from Rinkya Stores via the Product Page!

Get an original design piece from Japan for your home!

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Lucky Bags on YJ!

It is that time a year again for Fukubukuro!

Lucky bags are an awesome New Year’s specialty in Japan. They average 50-75% less than retail price and are filled with a mixture of goodies from the company. Fashion designers, computers, etc all partake in Lucky Bags.

Here are some of your favorite Japanese designers on YJ with Fukubukuro:
Angelic Pretty
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
h. Naoto

Search all Fukubukuro here!

Even Starbucks has a fukubukuro!

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