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Japanese Balloonist Sets Out To Defeat His Own Record!

Michio Kanda left Japan yesterday on his hot air balloon to begin a 60 hour journey crossing the Pacific to North America.

He is attempting to beat his own world record of longest time in the air, originally 50 hours and 38 minutes. If Kanda succeeds he will also break the record for longest distance, previously held by Virgin executive Richard Branson.

Good Luck to Michio Kanda, who also claims this is his last hot air balloon adventure!


X Japan Reunion Concert Sold Out!

The much anticipated reunion concert of X Japan sold out through pre sales before the official sale dates began.

The X Japan reunion concert is March 28th and March 30th at Tokyo Dome.

Due to the unexpected sell out of pre sale tickets, they are looking for ways to increase seating and will auction off premiere seats where part of the proceeds will go to charity.

As soon as these premier tickets of this rare concert go on sale, we will announce on Rinkya!

The band’s newest song, I.V. can be heard during the movie Saw 4, although it is not included on the soundtrack.
I.V. did top I-Tunes daily charts, making X Japan the first Asian artist to do so!

On February 29th, they will release a DVD Box set- “X JAPAN RETURNS” available for preorder here! Order via Rinkya Stores today to get your hands on the DVD release!

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Japanese Manga Writer Wins Guinness World Record

Shotaro Ishinomori posthumously received the Guinness World Record for most comics published by one author.

Ishinomori wrote Cyborg 009, Secret Task Force Goranger (1st Super Sentai series), Skull Man and worked with Osamu Tezuka on Astro Boy. Skull Man eventually became the popular anime Kamen Rider.

Ishinomori Shotaro Complete Comic Works is being sold in 12 sets of 41 or 42 volumes each. The final set is scheduled to be available this November.
Total amount of pages? 128,000

For these items on YJ:
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Super Sentai
Kamen Rider
Astro Boy

Link via Anime News Network

New Be@rbricks- Ewok, Lost, Licca…

Licca doll gets a Be@rbrick outfit and the hit ABC show LOST gets their own Be@rbrick in 400% and 100%!

The adorable little Ewok from Star Wars, Wicket, comes in 400% and 100% size!

The beautiful lingerie store, Peach John, creates their own lingerie clad Be@rbrick.

A few more new releases are available here.
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Happy Harbor & Squiggly Squirrel Blythe New Releases!

Two brand new Blythe designs go on sale Febuaray 22nd on Blythe website here
Only available to customers in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, so if you are outside that area and want any of the Blythes, order through Rinkya Stores!

Happy Harbor Neo Blythe is a limited edition, she has 4 eye colors that change depending upon where she looks, grey, light green, brown and light blue.
Price: 13,440yen (tax included)

Petite Blythe Squiggly Squirrel is so cute! She comes with both a dress and squirrel outfit!
Price: 2,625yen (tax included)

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Rinkya Japan Stores Lowers Prices!

Rinkya announces reduced commissions on Japan store purchases!
Order from any online Japan website through Rinkya- commission is $8 base fee and $1 per 1000 yen thereafter.
Handling fees vary per store and are a minimum of $5.00.

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Dragonball Live Movie Exclusive Pictures!

Hoy Cinema has posted some photos and interviews from the upcoming film, Dragon Ball.

The live action film will star Justin Chatwin as Goku; James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum will play Chi Chi, and Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi.

Akira Toriyama’s manga was turned into the popular anime series Dragon Ball. After success in Japan, it was brought to the United States where it gained a huge following on the Cartoon Network.
The movie is based on the King Piccolo Saga, a 21 episode anime production.

Visit Hoy Cinema for the exclusive pictures taken in Mexico during shooting/practice.

For Dragon Ball on YJ