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Bento Supplies Direct From Japan!

Last week for Halloween, I posted some creative Bento lunches! This week I decided to search YJ for supplies to make the Bentos at home on your own!

3 Stamps- Heart, Bear and Star- Only 980 Yen!


Make cute little faces with these sandwich makers, rice shapers, etc.


I absolutely love these expressions on these stamps!


And of course, Japan’s mascot- Hello Kitty!


Don’t see what you want here? Search all the listings for Bento on YJ and Bid Through Rinkya!

Tokyo Design School Creates Million Dollar Outfit

Bunka Fashion College, the distinguished school located in Shinjuku, showcased their students’ talents with a glaring fashion show featuring 1500 Gold Austrian coins- worth more than 1.2 million.

Three pieces were designed- a full length gown and two jackets. The dress weighed 22 pounds, one jacket weighed 33 pounds! and the other jacket weighed 13 pounds.

The beautiful designs were kept under careful watch to avoid any theft.

Bunka Fashion College was home to fame BAPE designer, Nigo.

Designing with gold is not unheard of in Japan, back in July, Ginza Tanaka created a gold spun swimsuit and shawl you can see here

Source Via Luxury Launches

Snake Saki Anyone? Winner of Our Weird Food Contest!

Congratulations to Rinkya user, yougotserbed, for their winning submission to our weird food contest!

Habu Sake is distilled with the venom of a deadly snake- the habu.

Very expensive bottles often include the actual snake in the sake bottle- taking the worm in tequila to a much higher level!

The venom of the habu allegedly contains many health benefits for the consumer- everything from arthritis, insomnia to sexual dysfunction (the original Viagra!) is claimed to be healed by drinking some habu sake.

Thank you to everyone who submitted! Yougotserbed, enjoy your Kit Kats and free commission!

Order Kit Kats direct from Japan through Rinkya! Current flavors available are Caramel, Melon and White!!

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