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New Final Fantasy Game Coming to Wii!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is coming to Wii.
Releases March 2008 in Japan on Wii wear download for 1500 Wii points.
Hopefully will hit Stateside at some point!

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Cat & Dog Lovers Mouse Pad!

Japanese spoil their pets rotten and showcase their love for animals all over their homes as well!
This mouse pad with a classic paw print is also comfortable and wrist friendly! Avoid carpel tunnel and announce you are a pet lover all at once.

Check out the Cat Shop for more cat items to decorate your home!

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Large Dogs

Japan Makes Poop Fun!!

Japan has an endearing love for poop. Recently, a Japanese scientist developed vanilla flavoring and scent from cow dung.

This love for poop also extends to the holidays and Halloween is no exception with some of the costumes below.

How else do you get a point across but to hammer someone’s head with fake poo?

The translation for this item states, when normal finger pointing is not enough…

Perhaps, the most realistic of the bunch, with flies attached is the poop hat!

This poop hat makes up for lack of realism with its’ enormous size

And finally I suggest this costume as the poo’s counterpart to clean up after all the mess:

Unfortunately, all these items (with the exception of the Toilet paper costume) are Sold out at Rakuten ( I was not exaggerating Japan’s love of unko!)
But if you want any, email us and we will look for them!
Our Rinkya Stores department will look up any item for you!

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Newest Wii Accessory Gets Japan Release Date!

The Wii Balance Board debuts in Japan on December 1st for 8800 yen.

The Balance Board measures the changes in your body movement so that you can control the game on screen.

The Balance Board is packaged with “Wii Fit”, games include football, Wii Yoga and hula hooping!

No US date yet, but you can get any Japan item through Rinkya if you cannot wait for the other release dates!!

Bid on Nintendo Products Now:

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Japanese Teen Wins Rubik Championship!

The 25th Rubik’s World Speedcubing Championship took place this weekend in Budapest Hungary, which is home to the creator of Rubik’s Cube, Erno Rubik, who handed out prizes at the event.

Yu Nakajima, 16, won the event- solving the Rubik’s Cube 5 times with an average time of 12.46 seconds.

Other events included using just your toes to solve the puzzle, wearing a blindfold and using larger Rubik’s Cubes.

Japan may have lost the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest but have redeemed themselves with Rubik’s Cube!


Ponyo On A Cliff Miyazaki Update!

Ponyo On A Cliff’s theme song will go on sale December 5th. Fujioka Fujimaki (famous duo Takaaki Fujiaoka and Naoya Fujimaki and Nozomi Ohashi (only 8 years old!)

A preview of the song will be played during the October 14th Radio Ghibli airing. We will let you know if we can get a clip!

Miyazaki’s latest film is slated for Summer release.

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Japanese Scientist Creates Vanilla From Poop!

Mayu Yamamoto received the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize at Harvard University for her work with cow dung.

Yamamoto found a way to extract vanilla odor and flavoring from cow poop!

I wonder if this will be bottled in the future?

The Ig Nobel Prize was developed by the Annals of Improbable Research humor magazine. The awards are for genuine achievements- but ones that often have a humorous, outrageous and/or unexpected result.

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