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Halloween Bentos From Japan!

To celebrate Halloween, we have collected Halloween Bentos from around the web!

Bento boxes are akin to brown bagged lunches as in they supply food for us to carry around during our day.
The similarities end there however.

Bentos boxes are typically compartmentalized to divide the food in individual parts (no food touching for anyone who hates that!)

The main goal is to make the food as pretty looking as you can using the foods you eat everyday. It is a great idea to make daily lunches more exciting!
You can find anime characters, animals, and much more shaped and designed foods in a Bento box.

Japan puts a whole new spin on playing with your food with these artistic lunches.


Scary Bento- Nori skulls, pumpkin carrot, slugs made out of ? and much more create this scary Bento lunch!

Rice ghost, cute pumpkins!! Source

Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired- Jack Skellington, King of Halloweentown!

Adorable Witch Bento!
Source Via YumSugar

Black Cat Bento- Nori, Edamade eyes, salmon nose! Yumm!

The detail in this final Bento is amazing!! Nori is used to make a bat and a witch hat, an egg is used for the moon, blue dye for a sky, a marshmallow ghost and much more create this edible scene! Source

Have a fun and safe Halloween from everyone at Rinkya!

Shrimp, Mayo, Crab, Oh My- Newest Pizza News from Japan!

The latest wacky pizza from Japan is the masterpiece shown above. Similar to the double roll (the crust made from rolls with oozing cheese)

They have replaced the cheese in the peel off rolls with shrimp and mayonnaise.

One half of the pizza is crab and mayonnaise, the other half is called “Demigura King”, which we unfortunately cannot find a description of!

Our staff is refusing to review this pizza, they are too scared to try it!
For the Review the Staff Did do on the Original Double Roll…

Product Page

Pizza Hut Japan Favorites Pizza

OLIVIA Guitar Charity Auction Begins!

The much anticipated charity auction for OLIVIA’s signed custom Roswell Rhoads Jackson guitar can be found HERE!

Bidding ends JP time November 5th, so get your bids in!

All auction proceeds will be used to create a special fund for the purpose of benefiting aspiring Asian and Asian-American artists.

Foreign bidders can use Rinkya to view and bid on the auction.

There is no minimum bid, and Rinkya will be charging NO fees to bid on the auction.

Worldwide shipping is available and will be paid by the buyer, mailing insurance required, PayPal or check accepted up to ten days after auction closes.

For more on Pacific Media Expo (PMX) and OLIVIA, please read here

Afro Samurai Anime!

In a switch from the usual Japan has everything before us- the anime Afro Samurai will debut in Japan screens come this month (we already got it here in US- ha!).

GONZO animation studio created the series based on a doujinshi by Takashi Okazaki.
Voice Actors include Kelly Hu (XMEN 2) and Samuel L. Jackson as Afro and Ninja Ninja.
The anime is available from Amazon and I Tunes, in case you missed it on Adult Swim.

For Afro Samurai Doujishi on YJ, Search here
Enjoy Rinkya’s Doujinshi Sale Pricing on Any You Buy!

Via TokyoMango

Portable Toilet Fits in Your Car- Ewww!

For those of you who have not been to Japan- Japan has amazing toilets. I know I could discuss Mount Fuji, temples, on-sens, (perhaps another day) but I am amazed at the toilets.

They have toilets that are heated when you sit down for those cold and rainy days, self cleaning toilets, toilets with sinks on top, etc etc. Anything you can want in the comfort of your bathroom, I can almost guarantee Japan has it!

Now Kaneko Sangyo Co. has created a toilet, that grosses me out a bit. The Kaneko Sangyo portable toilet- Kurumarukun- is for your car, complete with curtain to conceal the fact that you are going pee- in- your- car!

Assembly included- cardboard toilet bowl, water absorbent sheets, curtain, and plastic bag (to get rid of your pee and poo)

Let’s hope we do not start seeing lots of “curtains” in cars come this November in Japan.
Save these for emergencies, or camping. Not a traffic delay.

Goes on sale November 15th, 4725 yen.


The Crime Fighting Vending Machine!

Aya Tsukioka, fashion designer, has developed clothing meant for disguise and protection for women in Japan.

Pictured above is a skirt that turns into a vending machine to cover yourself if being followed or fear danger. Sounds a bit ridiculous, but perhaps if lined up amongst other vending machines would work. Unless, of course you want a Coke, then things get confusing.

Other camouflage designs include a purse that looks like a manhole cover and a red postal mailbox.

Via Portable Gadget & Age

Ridiculously Expensive Pen Arrives in Tokyo

Switzerland luxury design writing instrument company, Caran d’Ache, will sell only 10 of these pens to the world.

Here it is shown in Tokyo, the pen is adorned with diamonds and rubies and is 18K gold. The price stands at 20 million yen (approximately $174,000 USD)

Caran d’Ache was given the Guinness World Record for most expensive pen in 2001, for an even more expensive pen, that sold for $265,000.


New Kewpies Available!

Visit Applaudir for the newest Kewpies available for preorder now!
For one week only, FREE commission and 500 yen shipping for all you can order each one is only 600 yen! Rinkya Stores Form

Popular characters from Sesame Street, Gatchaman, Astroboy, Lum are available and many more!

Kewpie is a very popular doll in Japan, the doll originated in the US and has a resurgence of popularity in Japan.
In Japan they use the original face of the Kewpie doll and the body depicts popular characters. Cell phone straps, dolls and many more items are available.

The story of the Kewpie is very similar to that of another popular collector’s item, Blythe Doll. Blythe, originally created in the US, found popularity again in Japan and all over the world. Perhaps, Kewpie is the next big thing, too!