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Rinkya is a Winner with DOLLS!

Pick up the October issue of DOLLS magazine for an article on Rinkya!

Get behind the scenes- Check out out some beautiful SuperDollfies, Unoa,
Blythe and other great YJ treasures and read an interview with President, Heather Russell.

Magazines are available at Barnes & Noble and Borders along with other national newsstand chains. For a listing of local stores that sell the magazine, please read here!

DOLLS Magazine

Kazuo Oga Studio Ghibli Special DVD & Blu Ray Release!

Famed background artist and art director, Kazuo Oga, whose exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo was well received, will be releasing a DVD and Blu Ray on the exhibit.

Footage will contain information on Totoro’s woods, commentary from his contemporaries, all 600 works that were displayed at the Museum, and the making of the cover paintings.

For those who could not make it to Tokyo for the special exhibit, the DVD and Blu Ray release is a beautiful alternative. The DVD will run 3990 yen, Blu Ray 6090 yen starting December 19th.

Another special bonus will be a Studio Ghibli matchbox- displaying Oga’s painting of Totoro in a deep slumber (shown above).

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Ghibli World

Rinkya Sees 2020 on the Inc. 5000!

Inc. Magazine ranked Tempe, Arizona’s Rinkya, Inc., 2020 on its first-ever Inc. 5,000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the country.

Rinkya ranks 53 in the Top Companies in Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ, 8 in Tempe; 67 in the Top Companies in Consumer Products and 5 in Arizona in that category.

Thank you to our customers for their loyal support!

Please read here for more info!

Rinkya Japan Weird Food Contest Deadline in Two Days!

Don’t you hate it when the steam from noodles flattens your hair? Wear this invention!

Please submit your weirdest food/drink item from Japan and the winner will receive a package of the various Kit Kat flavors from Japan!

We are looking for the most unique find!

Please include a picture and/or link of the item. We will take entries until September 20th!

Please submit to


Respect for The Aged Day!

Every year on the third Monday in September, Japan honors its’ elders with a special day of celebration- Keirō no Hi, or Respect for the Aged Day.

Japan has a very large elder population and the second longest life expectancy of any nation in the world.
On Friday, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced that Japan has over 30,000 residents over 100 years of age.

Take a tip from Japan and drop a line to your loved elders today!

Hakata Dolls Shown Above on Auction

Rinkya Collector’s Corner- FlyWheels’ Transformers!

How long have you been collecting?

I started when I was 7 in 1984, but really got into collecting again in 1993 and have been going strong since.

How did you get started collecting Japanese transformers?

Thanks to my introduction to the internet. As I researched the rich history of Transformers on various Transformers websites I discovered that Japan got so
much more stuff (toys and all) than the U.S. ever got.

What is the “dream” item for you?

I guess like a lot of other collectors, a complete, mint in box Grand Maximus.

What is your favorite part of collecting Transformers?

The childhood memories that are attached to the characters/toys and the thrill of finding that hard to find toy.

What is your favorite item you found thru Rinkya and

Goryu, one of the Destron Dinoforce members. I had managed to buy the other 5 Dinoforce members complete in their original boxes, but Goryu (the t-rex) had
always eluded me. So I was very ecstatic when I found and won that auction.

How did you like the movie Transformers? Did it live up to your expectations?

Yes, I enjoyed the movie greatly…although I thought some of the humans just “got in the way”. Looking forward to the DVD release though as well as the impending sequel!

Where can we see your Transformers collection?

My photo album of my packaged Japanese Transformer items can be found here:
That is just a small representation of everything Transformers that I own though. I haven’t found the time to finish photographing everything else!

Thank you FlyWheels for sharing your collection and good luck!

Want to showcase your collection? Email me at

Transformers on YJ

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