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Japan Gadgets Protect Against Global Warming!

I wish I had one of these- I don’t live in Japan, but here in the States, we are reaching record breaking high temperature just as they are in Japan.

However, Japan is much more gadgety then folks here in the US, so they refuse to stay warm and have innovative ways of staying cool!

First it was the USB powered necktie that came with a fan.
However, that only cooled the neck, so in addition we have these jackets above containing two small fans sewn into the fabric and run on a pocket-sized rechargeable battery.
The air circulation evaporates sweat and keeps you cool.

So put on your jacket, cut open your square watermelon and drink an ice cold Bilk to stay cool during these hot summer months Japan style!

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Murakami Does Kanye West!

Hip Hop artist Kanye West’s newest album was designed by famed Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

This is not the first collaboration of Kanye West and Japanese art- West’s Stronger video featured anime characters and Japanese designs.

Graduation drops in stores September 11th.

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Japan’s Obon Festival

O Bon is the Buddhist festival that venerates lost relatives and ancestors and takes place this week in Japan.

Spirits of loved ones are invited home to spend time with family- food offerings are made at home and temples.

For many in Japan, O Bon is a valued time to spend with family-many taking a break from work and returning to their hometowns.

Family members visit the graves of their loved ones- washing and cleansing the gravesite.

Glowing lanterns line the homes and streets to guide the ghosts of loved ones home.

The last night of O Bon ends with Toro Nagashi (floating lanterns) and the lanterns are released into a body of water to guide the ghosts back into the spirit world.

Bon Odori (folk) dances are very popular during the festival. Dressed in Yukata, (summer kimonos) people dance to the music of drums and flutes. Fireworks are also very common during these festivals.

If you can take the August humidity, O Bon is one of the most beautiful times to visit Japan and experience the culture, religion and beauty!

Yukata (Summer Kimonos)

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Extreme Ironing Japan on Mt Fuji! Wacky Sports!

A first for the Extreme Ironing Sports World- Hitoshi Matsuzawa climbed to Mt Fuji and ironed clothes.

Hitoshi Matsuzawa founded Extreme Ironing Japan in 2004.
His ultimate goal is to climb Mt Everest and iron- with no oxygen.

Extreme Ironing is an international sport that involves taking clothes and ironing them on difficult to access locations.

Pictures are taken from the Extreme Ironing Japan website, click here for more odd ironing locations!


Protect Your Nuts! The Japanese Game Show!

Man, our game shows are boring and Japan’s rule.

On NBC’s show The Singing Bee, you get eliminated if you mix up the words to a song.
Big deal- you walk off, and maybe your pride is hurt.
Entertaining? I thought so until I saw this Japanese game show.

On this show if you mess up any of the tongue twisters on stage- you get hit in the nuts.
In the nuts.
With a machine.

Hilarity ensues.

That will teach them to get answers wrong!


No More Sweat At Work- Plug in the USB Tie Fan!

Hot at work?
Throw away those silk designer ties, and get the USB powered tie from Japan with built in cooler fan!
As you can see from the man’s expression, it is very soothing.

Want it? Buy it from Rinkya Stores!

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Final Fantasy VII Sony PSP Special Edition!

This special edition bundle is a silver PSP (the slim version!) with Final Fantasy logo, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core game, retractable headset, and wrist strap.

YJ Sellers have already placed the item up for presale, bid on yours here through Rinkya today!

Item ships Sept 13th!

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Batman Anime To Be Released Before Premiere of The Dark Knight

A BATMAN DVD cartoon is set to be released- done in the style of Japanese Anime.

Six original stories will be written set in the period between the movie Batman Begins and the upcoming blockbuster feature- The Dark Knight.

Prolific comic book writer, Brian Azzarello; David Goyer- screenwriter of Blade and Batman Begins and Josh Olsen, screenwriter of History Of Violence, are three of the famed names contributing.

Batman on YJ

Via Bat-Blog